"Wet Marketing" Enters the "Private Order" of the Lubricant Industry to Establish a Strong Partnership

For many people, "wet marketing" is a strange and novel vocabulary, but it is such a strange idea has quietly sneaked into the lube industry, began to affect the marketing models and consumer habits of businesses and users. What is “wet” marketing? Simply put, “wet marketing” is humane marketing. Compared to traditional “dry” marketing, wet marketing demands are wet and creativity is wet. Just like lubricating oil, it is sticky, makes people flirt, and makes the service infiltrate...

The future of lubricants is a "wet" world
The future of lubricants is a "wet" world

"Private customization" and "wet" marketing:

Let marketing be “wet”, where do lubricant companies start? Accurate and differentiated positioning and creativity are the keys. The more differentiated products and services, the more “private custom” they feel, and the closer they can get to the target users. TPI lubricants are tailor-made for partners and privately-customized products and services based on regional characteristics and oil habits of different regions. They have established a strong customer relationship with their partners while shaping the value of high-end products.

"Wet" marketing optimization process

Wet path

The wet marketing channel is the C2C model, in which the appeal information continuously presents viral proliferation between users and users, with significant social characteristics. Each audience is not only the receiver of information but also the disseminator of information. To achieve this, lubricating oil companies need to be good at advancing opinion leaders in a socialized environment, and allow brand advocates to be highly involved, so that marketing can develop positively; but it is necessary to ensure the positive transmission of user thinking and absorb multiple opinions. Clarifies the correct needs of the market and users. Therefore, in the process of opening the wet pathway, enterprises should place customer satisfaction on an important position and guide users in a democratic manner.

2. Wet path

The path of wet marketing is an in-depth dialogue between users and users, and generates trust in brands and products during the dialogue. Another requirement of the wet path is an in-depth interactive experience, which requires the audience to interact highly with the appeal of communication.

3. Wet optimization

Wet marketing does not mean extensive, laissez-faire marketing. Wet optimization requires the marketing team to constantly perform dynamic analysis and optimization through the establishment of a dynamic database, which is often overlooked. As in the marketing process, what has become your customer, what are the reasons, what has touched your appeal but has not yet become your customer, what are the reasons? Through continuous optimization, companies can step by step to make marketing More effective and visibility.

The result of wet marketing should be wet brands and wet sales. In other words, the wet marketing result requires the brand reputation that the users are willing to spread, so that the brand communication will not end due to the end of marketing activities, but will continue. At the same time, the end of the purchase of the products in the wet marketing is actually There is no end, but the beginning of sharing and the beginning of recommendation to others.

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