Hubei Chengli Asphalt Sprayer Market Analysis

With the rapid development of China's highway industry, especially the adoption of new technologies and materials, and the requirement of high construction quality, black roads have become a symbol of advanced roads, opening up a wide range of applications for asphalt sprayers. In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, Hubei Chengli launched a variety of intelligent asphalt sprinklers , and is gradually passing through the black road machinery maintenance market.

Asphalt pavement has the advantages of smooth surface, no joints, small vibration, smooth and comfortable driving, low noise, easy maintenance and maintenance, etc. It has become the main choice for highways, ports, urban roads, airports, etc., including the new highway The "layer-laying method" adopted by the "lower seal," "sticky," and low-grade highways and a large number of township and town highways all require high-quality asphalt sprays, and this also provides a wide range of asphalt sprayers." Place of use".

Chengli Intelligent Asphalt Spray Truck adopts advanced domestic systems in heat transfer oil heating systems, electronic control systems, asphalt circulation systems, pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, power take-off systems, etc., and controls the opening and closing of spray heads by controlling the opening and closing of cylinders. In order to realize the spraying of roadbeds of different widths, the width is 6 meters; each asphalt sprayer is controlled independently, which can effectively prevent the spray operation from being performed after individual cylinders are accidentally damaged due to construction; this vehicle is divided into two sets of cab and rear working platform. The control system has greatly improved the intelligent degree of the car. This car also has a manual spray gun to repair the blind corners to ensure the overall quality of the road surface.

As currently the main model, Cheng Lizhi can type asphalt distributor of research and development, the company's significance, the next step, the company will continue to improve asphalt distributor product spectrum to meet the needs of domestic and foreign various road conditions, To contribute to the construction of black roads in China.

How to solve the uneven distribution of asphalt sprayer?

At present, the spraying effect of the asphalt sprayer is not satisfactory, and there is a phenomenon of uneven spreading in the horizontal direction. The lateral stripes are typical lateral unevenness. However, taking certain measures can effectively improve the lateral uniformity of asphalt sprays.

(1) Improve the nozzle structure

This has the following objectives: First, in order to adapt to the structure of the spray pipe, the asphalt flow distribution of each nozzle is nearly the same; second, in order to make the shape and size of the single nozzle spray projection meet the design requirements, achieve excellence, and make the area The asphalt flow distribution meets the design requirements; the third is to adapt to different types of asphalt and construction requirements for different amounts of spraying.

Appropriately increase the sprinkling speed

From the above discussion, it can be seen that the speed of the intelligent asphalt sprayer vehicle only changes within a reasonable range, and has no effect on the longitudinal uniformity of the asphalt sprayer. Because when the speed is faster, the amount of asphalt that is spilled per unit time becomes larger, and the amount of asphalt sprayed per unit area remains unchanged, but the change in the speed of the vehicle has a great influence on the horizontal uniformity. When the vehicle speed is faster, the single nozzle flow rate per unit time becomes larger, the spray projection surface increases, and the overlap number increases; at the same time, the jet velocity increases, the asphalt collision energy increases, the “impact-splash homogenization” effect is enhanced, and the horizontal spraying is performed. More uniform, so you should try to use a faster speed, so that the lateral uniformity is always good.

(3) Improve asphalt properties.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that if the viscosity of the asphalt is large, the asphalt flow resistance is large, the injection molding is small, and the overlap number is reduced. In order to overcome these deficiencies, the general approach is to increase the nozzle diameter, but this will inevitably reduce the jet velocity, weakening the "impact a splash ~ homogenization" role, so that the uneven spread of the lateral. Therefore, in order to improve the construction process performance of asphalt, asphalt properties should be improved.

(4) Adjust the height of the spray tube off the ground to achieve closed-loop control

However, in the actual construction, due to the difficulty in predicting and monitoring the spray fan angle and changing with the speed, type of asphalt, temperature, viscosity, amount of spraying, etc., the high ground clearance is determined according to the construction experience and used as Based on adjustments.

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