The number of individual applications for new energy vehicles in Beijing has surged

The number of individual applications for new energy vehicles in Beijing has surged

Yesterday, the application status of the new minibus number indicator was announced. With the introduction of various favorable policies, such as tax exemption and restrictions, compared with the previous period, the total number of new energy index applications and the new number of applications have broken records. Among them, the number of individual applications for new energy vehicles soared from 3,874 in the previous period to 7,141, an increase of more than 80%. The number of applications for general vehicle indicators is also high, setting a new high.

About 5,697 new energy vehicle indicators in this period

Yesterday morning, the minibus index management office announced the number of applicants for the number of minibuses in the third phase of this year. Compared with the application of general indicators, new energy vehicles in this period once again grabbed the limelight. According to data released by the Passenger Car Index Office, a total of 7,141 applications and confirmation delays for the application of the individual demonstration application new energy minibuses were received in the current period; 561 units applied for the demonstration application of 1505 new energy minibuses. Among them, the number of individual applications for new energy vehicles increased by more than 80% from the 3874 applications in the previous period. Looking back, the number of applications for new energy vehicles from the beginning of the shake number was only over 600, and it has grown to more than 7,000 now in one year and a half.

According to this year's index configuration plan, the number of individual new energy vehicles allocated in the current period will be 3,333. In addition, there will be 2,364 individual new energy vehicle indicators that were not allocated to the previous phase of the Yaohao. It is estimated that there are actually 5,697 indicators that can be actually configured. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the individual new energy vehicle indicator needs to be obtained with a shake. However, the number of final indicators and the results of the application review should still be based on the data released by the Beijing Relief Congestion Website on the 25th of this month.

Long shake does not turn to new energy vehicles

“Ordinary indicators are always out of balance. The number of the license plate we are using is still relatives at home. I thought for a long time if I would like to apply for a new energy car number first. Should the new energy vehicle be shaken later?” The Mr. told the Beijing Morning Post reporter that he had begun to shake the numbers since he graduated from the university. It has been three years away from now, but he still does not have a lottery. Not only he himself, but his family of three people are all shaking hands and have not yet won a lottery. To this end, he moved his mind about buying new energy vehicles. Especially with the introduction of tax-free, unlimited-banking policies, his belief in buying new energy vehicles has been strengthened. At the same time, he also worried that the current new energy vehicle charging facilities are not perfect, and there are inconveniences in parking and charging of the community. "Buy new energy, worry about charging is not convenient; do not buy it, but also afraid that the new energy will not shake. After the elderly, children, if the hospital has to worry about rushing to the hospital, no car is too inconvenient." Mr. Song Said.

In fact, in the reporter's interview, there was more than one person who had the same consideration as Mr. Song.

The current indicator application increased by more than 110,000

The Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that formerly there were those who participated in the shake. Although they obtained the new energy vehicle index but gave up last, it was mainly because the vehicle charging problem could not be solved. For example, there was no fixed parking space, and the residential area could not install charging piles. Therefore, it is recommended that applicants still apply for indicators based on their own conditions and actual needs, and do not blindly get together.

In addition to the new energy indicators, the number of regular index applications continues to increase. As of 0:00 a.m. yesterday, a total of 2,504,124 passenger car allocation indicator applications and confirmation delays have been received for passenger car allocation indicators, an increase of 117,928, a record high compared to 2,386,196 of the previous issue. Therefore, it is expected that the degree of difficulty will be increased in this period.

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