Smart meter technology promotes further water savings

[China Instrument Network Industry Focus] Recently, Oracle Corporation released the "Water Testing: Providing Smart Water Meters for Water Supply Industry" survey report. The report shows that water consumers involved in survey water surveys all pay great attention to the issue of water conservation. In order to further conserve water resources, it is necessary to support smart water meter technology.

The "Water Test: Providing Smart Water Meters for the Water Supply Industry" survey reports that there are more than 1,200 water consumers and nearly 300 water supply company managers in the United States and Canada. The contents of the survey included the knowledge of water supply managers on smart meter technology, including their profitability and potential difficulties, and their understanding of future development plans; what water users have about water use, how water-saving initiatives are, and what they think needs What kind of service is obtained from the water company.

The survey report shows that consumers are very concerned about water-saving problems, but also continue to reduce the amount of personal water. Some consumers said in the survey that providing more detailed information on water consumption will help increase individual water-saving awareness. When asked about the issue of water saving, different groups of people have different opinions. 76% of consumers are concerned about the water saving problem in their own communities; 69% of consumers think that they are continuously reducing their personal water consumption; 71% of consumers believe that they have access to water. Detailed water use information will help them further save water.

Managers of water supply companies have shown that they have been promoting water conservation and believe that smart water meter technology is the key to solving problems, but the substantive application of this technology is still in its infancy. Seventy-three percent of water supply companies' managers stated that their companies are actually promoting water conservation; 68% believe it is necessary for water companies to adopt smart meter technology, but only one-third of water companies are considering or have already adopted this technology.

When the first two benefits brought by smart water meter technology are selected, 62% of the respondents believe that the greatest benefit is to prevent leakage, followed by 35% that is considered to provide consumers with a monitoring or section. Water is an effective tool.

At the same time, 46% of the interviewees think that the cost of investment recovery is slow or lack measurable returns, and 42% think that the high cost of use is the biggest obstacle to the application of this technology.

Stephan Scholl, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle’s Public Utilities Group, said: “As the society continues to pay attention to power utilities, smart grids and smart meters have been heating up in recent months. Similarly, water supply companies are also facing aging infrastructure. , Difficulties in maintenance, and consumers’ growing challenges to service requirements.Oracle's “water testing” report shows that water supply companies have recognized that smart metering technology will have a major impact on their operations and that there is still a great deal of attention to consumer education and communication. Large space.Smart water meter technology provides consumers with practical demand data, enabling them to make more informed decisions about water use."

Alisa Mann, customer service manager for Las Vegas Basin Water District, said: “In the Las Vegas basin, we have long noticed that providing consumers with targeted water-saving information can help them change their water use behavior.” The Water Testing" report provides very important data on the benefits and difficulties associated with the application of smart water meter technology. Cost is a very important factor, but many water companies cannot see the impact of smart water meter technology on its development. This is not just a matter of reducing the workload, it can also help customers make the best choices and increase efficiency in their operations.

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