Material? Features? What kind of a good steering wheel?

The steering wheel can be said to be one of the most important parts of a car, because each car is indispensable to it, and we must use it every time we drive. Now that everyone knows more and more about the car, the configuration of the car is getting higher and higher, so everyone will care about what leather steering wheel and steering wheel multi-function button light is configured when buying a car. But for a good steering wheel, wrapping the leather and adding a few buttons does not mean that it is a good steering wheel. What kind of good steering wheel is it?

Four-way adjustment is really important

We've said it many times before, but here's another one: The four-way steering wheel is really important! And the bigger the steering wheel is, the better. The benefits of the four-way adjustment of the steering wheel do not need to say too much: it can adapt to different body drivers and adjust to a more comfortable and safe sitting position. Some people also mistakenly thought that adjusting the steering wheel in four directions was very expensive. Generally, it was only available in high-end vehicles. Actually, A0-class vehicles such as Volkswagen and General Motors sold only 70,000-80,000 yuan, but also Four-way adjustment steering wheel is standard. So this configuration depends on whether the manufacturer is willing to give it away.

Of course, some very economical cars that are very basic to entry actually do not have four ways to adjust the steering wheel. After all, the cost restrictions are too stringent. If you want to buy these models, we need a field trip to see if the steering wheel is not large enough to adjust up or down. When you sit up, will the thighs rub against the lower edge of the steering wheel, and the upper part of the steering wheel will not block the instrument? And so on, in short, we must treat the steering wheel as a safety device.

Multi-function button: acoustic control is more scientific on the left

Nowadays, more and more cars are equipped with multi-function buttons on the steering wheel. This is certainly a good thing because we don't need to worry about going to the center console when we drive. From the experience of our trial run, if the audio control button is on the left side of the steering wheel, and the cruise control button is on the right side of the steering wheel, it will be more scientific. The reason is: the manual operation of the model, the right hand of the driver should always operate the handle, Audio control buttons are more commonly used, on the left can effectively reduce the right hand work intensity; and cruise control buttons are generally used at high speed, then the driver both hands on the steering wheel, so on the right there is no problem .

With regard to the multi-function keys on the steering wheel, there are two points to note: First, many models under 100,000 yuan have steering wheel multifunction buttons, but many buttons feel bad, especially with the kind of wheel, the card is fuzzy The use of experience is not a good few, to pay attention to when buying a car; Second, the multifunction button on the steering wheel has a backlight or very important, otherwise driving at night will always make people feel very aggrieved.

Ring thickness: an important part of the manufacturer's heritage

The ring of the steering wheel, some people like thicker, some people like fine, manufacturers need to grasp a certain degree, try to make most people feel comfortable grip. This point reflects the details and experience of a vehicle manufacturer. Give a few examples. Peugeot's 308S, its steering wheel ring is thick, the purpose is to highlight its sportiness, but the steering wheel 3, 9 points designed to be relatively small, and specially created a suitable slot for the hand, It feels good to let people hold it. The Geely had just launched the emgrand EC7, the steering wheel ring design is too small, the result attracted a lot of consumer complaints, but fortunately, Geely responded quickly, within a year to improve the steering wheel ring weight ECHO EC7 degree.

Leather does not matter if it is not leather, not the most important

Leather steering wheel feels good, of course, everyone likes. But our view is that regardless of leather, imitation leather, plastic steering wheel, the most important thing is that the steering wheel is not easy to slip. In the past, the steering wheel of some models used not very good leather products. After one year of use, the owner of the steering wheel was very smooth and slippery. If this is the case, it would be better to have a better and more durable plastic steering wheel. Now.

In addition, there was a period of time when the world’s popular car had a peach wood steering wheel. In fact, the Taomu steering wheel is more in style to meet the needs of some consumers, after all, we know that Taomu material is relatively smooth, do the steering wheel body material is not suitable. What's even worse is stopping the vehicle in the hot sun in the summer. The mahogany steering wheel will be tanned and you can't touch it directly. It may also be because of various drawbacks. Nowadays, on the world car market, there is no longer a model with a peach wood steering wheel.

Another point, many people feel that their own steering wheel feel bad, so go buy a leather jacket. In fact, as long as you feel good, a steering wheel cover is not much to say, just to tell you: Most of the steering wheel cover in order to increase friction, the sleeve will be added with rubber-like material, after a long time the rubber will dissolve, Contaminate the original steering wheel ring. Therefore, the steering wheel cover is generally used. It is really a day-to-day cover and life-long cover. We must consider it clearly.

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