Anti-corrosion magnetic flap level gauge configuration and installation requirements?

The advantage of the magnetic flap level gauge is that it is developed through the buoyancy principle and magnetic coupling. During the whole process, no blind area is measured, which is eye-catching, and the reading is intuitive. Because the magnetic flap level gauge can achieve high sealing and prevent leakage, the staff can not directly contact the liquid medium when collecting the measurement data, and can be used for high temperature, explosion-proof, Anti-corrosion, food and beverages and other places, not only can appear on the spot, coupled with the SK series liquid level transmitter can be liquid level. The boundary bit signal is converted into the specification signal of the 2-wire system 4~20mADC, and the remote interval detection, indication, record and control are completed. After remote installation, the remote data presentation and control of the measurement data are completed, and the liquid level alarm and control are added. The switch can complete the upper and lower limit alarm and control of the liquid level or interface. This article discusses several issues that the customer frequently consults about the remote installation of the magnetic flip level gauge and the false liquid that may be encountered when measuring. The situation is to be briefly reviewed and I hope to assist you in the related problems encountered during the operation.

When the magnetic flap level gauge is equipped with remote transmission matching instruments, the following items need to be done:
(1) Closely attach the main gauge of the gauge, and fix it with stainless steel hoop (disable iron);
(2) The sensing surface should face and close to the main conduit;
(3) The zero position should be at the same level as the zero indicator of the level gauge;
(4) It is better to lay the connection pipe between the display instrument or industrial control computer through the maintenance pipe alone or by using shielded two-core cable;
(5) After the wiring hole is laid in the terminal box, it is required to seal well so as to avoid the intrusion of rainwater, moisture, etc., so that the remote transmission matching instrument cannot work normally. The connection box shall be promptly covered after the inspection or debugging is completed.

The magnetic flip level gauge is prone to present a false liquid level in the long-term operation, and it brings a lot of trouble to the user. The causes of false liquid level are as follows:
1, first of all, the liquid phase and gas phase are all open
2. Use a magnet to scan the entire surface along the exterior, and you will be able to understand that it will be corrected.
3, if it is a safe liquid, first liquid phase release, perform operation 2;
4. If the vapour pressure of the gas phase is relatively high, close the gas cut and press the liquid in the pipe back to the storage tank. Perform 2, operation. The top-mounted magnetic flap level gauge is suitable for measuring a variety of inconvenient side device level gauge containers, especially the level measurement in the open storage tank. It is generally applicable to industries and departments such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry and medicine.
5, the external interference signal is too large, the formation of the circuit is a false signal, not the practice measurement signal;
6. The wave guide wire inside the liquid level gauge is loosened, the seal is not good, and the incoming water is rusted, resulting in signal distortion;
7. The waveguide wire device is incorrect, signal transmission is distorted;
8, signal processing circuit problems.

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