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1:Plastic machinery manufacturers around the country list 2:Plastics processing aid-PPA Introduction 3:Bag Making Machine Can Significantly Reduce Packing Costs 4:T-Shirt Bag Machine 5:Side Sealing Bag Making Machine 6:Non-Woven Bag Machine 7:The Present Plastic Packaging Machine 8:Plastic Packaging Machinery 9:Plastic Packaging Machinery 10:Middle Sealing, Three Side Sealing Bag Making Machine
  • REYID INDUSTRY-  MACHINERY is specialized in the manufacturing of plastic packaging machinery located in Ningbo city, China. Our equipments include Non-woven bag making machine, Side sealing bag machine, T-Shirt bag machine, Film Blowing Machine, Stretch cling film making machine, HDPE LDPE film blowing machine, PP PE film blowing machine, co-extrusion stretch film making machine, Bubble film making machine, Extruder ,Dry laminating machine, Printing Machi...
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  • Company Name: REYID INDUSTRY I & M CO.,LTD
  • Contact Person: M.s Ketty  ( G.M)
  • Tel: +86-574-27979777 / 27979775
  • Fax: +86-574-27682887
  • Mobile Phone: +86 18658459777
  • Factory Add.: 188,Jinghua Rd,National Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, CHINA
  • Zip: 315000
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