How to solve the problem of tap fracture in radial drilling machine?

In the process of using the radial drilling machine, the tap breakage often occurs suddenly under a large force, resulting in the cutting edge of the half tap broken in the screw hole, tightly wedged in the metal, and it is generally difficult to make The cutting edge of the tap is detached from the metal. In order to loosen the tap in the screw hole, a vibration method may be used. When vibrating, use a sharp chisel to reach in the flute's flutes. Use the hammer to gently tap the front and back of the thread to loosen the tap.

The following kinds of quick and safe handling methods hope to solve this difficult problem.

1. When the tap breaking department is in the hole, use a tap with a square tap to twist 2 nuts, and use a steel wire (the number of taps is the same as the number of tap slots) to insert into the empty groove of the tap and nut, and then use a hinge. Pull the square ring to exit the target and pull the broken tap out. If you still can't pull it out, use acetylene flame or torch to anneal the tap, then use the drill to drill. At this time, the diameter of the drill should be smaller than the diameter of the bottom hole, and the hole must be centered to prevent the thread from drilling and the hole should be drilled. Insert a flat or square punch and use a wrench to unscrew the tap.

2. When the broken machine tap is exposed to a workpiece profile of only 2 to 3 mm, a flat steel with a thickness of 2 to 3 mm and a length of 150 to 200 mm is used to drill a hole at a length of 1/2 (the diameter of the hole is tapped. Outside diameter), then flat steel set on broken tap, flat steel and shaft end surface with a gap of 0.5 ~ 1mm. The broken tap and the flat steel are welded to one channel by electric welding. When welding, they should first be welded from the center of the tap and gradually welded to the flat steel. Wait until the broken tap naturally cools, then inject the oil into the flutes of the broken tap, and gently pull the flat steel to loosen the broken tap, so that the tap can be pulled out of the shaft very easily. It is also possible to use a hex nut with a slightly smaller inside diameter than the tap diameter.

3. When the broken tap is exposed to a long working profile, it can be unscrewed with a pair of pliers. In the manufacturing industry, tapping is often encountered on the shaft end, because the large parts of these shaft parts are tempered and tempered, with high toughness and high strength. It is difficult to attack the ribbon and often occurs. Gas tapping phenomenon. In many cases, workpieces are scrapped due to improper handling.

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Machine characteristics:

1. The machine frame adopts the manufacturing process of integral welding and overall tempering to achieve better precision and strength.

2. This machine is equipped with a long hair plucking device, which can make the machine to achieve high speed of the short brush and height range of the long brush.

3. The machine is equipped with 2 drilling heads and 1 tufting head to produce all kinds of brush feather.

4. This machine can change freely from the tufting machine to the Drilling and Tufting Brush Machine.

5.The machine equips with the human-machine touch screen control system, Chinese and English display, and the large amount of memory for editing simple brush program. The operation is flexible and convenient;

6. The parts are designed according to the standard, the hair mouth, the plucking knife and the needle are designed according to European standards, and all the parts of the same series can be used by each other.

7. Double or single colour wire is available.

8. The machine is installed with the automatic lubrication system and thus the parts` service life can be extended.

9. The platform can be chosen according to the customer`s needs.

   a. Broom, cloth brush workbench

   b. Spherical toilet brush, hemispherical disc brush workbench

   c. disc brush workbench

   d. Tubular roller brush, comb platform

10. Different worktables are available for easy replacement. Different types of brushes can be produced: flat brush, toilet brush, dish brush, hair comb, pig hair bath brush, copper wire brush, roller brush and disc brush.

11. Method of planting: Flat wire.

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