Stone coal machine company successfully developed lithium-ion battery electric vehicle

In order to develop new energy mining machinery and adapt to the needs of building green mines, Shimeiji Corporation has successfully developed a lithium-ion battery electric locomotive. The vehicle has now entered the phase of safety certification. The car is powered by a lithium ion battery, which is safe, explosion-proof, energy-saving, environmental-friendly, and flexible. It is a green auxiliary transport equipment that increases the production capacity of mines.
Battery motor vehicle is a kind of traction locomotive transported by mine rail vehicles. It uses electric motors to drive the wheels to rotate. It uses the friction between the wheels and the rail surface to make the electric locomotive run on the track to transport ore, materials, equipment and personnel, etc. It plays an important role in underground transportation and is the main transportation tool for long-distance horizontal roadways. Lithium-ion batteries are a new generation of green energy. They have the advantages of high energy storage energy ratio, long cycle life, and no pollution. Shimeiji has made breakthroughs in the group application technology and explosion-proof technology of lithium-ion battery for mines. The developed "mine-use flameproof and intrinsically safe lithium ion battery power box" has obtained the "mine product safety mark certificate". It is the first company in China to obtain coal safety certification. The company's development of mine-use lithium battery trackless rubber wheel vehicle has also become the only domestic product to obtain "security label."
Shimeiji used lithium-ion battery technology and successfully developed a lithium-ion battery electric locomotive. The vehicle is designed with front and rear double cabs, and the front and rear cabs can control the forward, backward, and braking functions of the electric locomotive; Speed ​​control technology, start smooth, stable, good electrical braking; before and after the driver's office division control device has an interlocking function; has increased power-on self-test function. Safe and reliable. The car sticks weight 8t, hour traction force 12.3kN, rated voltage 320V, battery capacity 32-64kWh, has the characteristics of fast charging speed, long service life, no pollution, zero emission, low energy consumption, low noise, and so on, for the safety production of coal mines in China, Low-carbon development provides a new type of green transportation equipment support. (This article comes from a stone coal machine)
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