When is the difference between drilling a well and drilling a well?

Human life cannot be separated from water. Water is the source of human life. Because there is no tap water in rural areas, well water is an important source of water for people. Wells and water are coming from here. Wells, except for some natural wells, are mostly artificial wells. Some artificial wells are used for drilling. It is not a rare thing to build a well in the country.


What is a drilling vehicle

Drilling rigs can be called mobile drilling rigs and are mainly composed of automobile chassis, drilling equipment, transfer devices, hydraulic systems, and towers. Drilling vehicle is a kind of car rotary drilling rig. Drilling rigs are powered by automobile engines. They are equipped with transfer devices and hydraulic systems. The vehicle's walking and drilling operations can be linked to the same machine.

When to use a drilling vehicle

1. Shallow hydrogeological surveys and well drilling.

2. Earthquake blast hole construction;

3. General survey of petroleum, natural gas and solid minerals shallow hole construction;

4. The urban construction, railway and hydropower sectors conduct engineering geological survey construction;


What is the difference between drilling and drilling?

In general, there is no difference between drilling and drilling a well. They all make a request for water. The main difference between drilling and drilling is to use different methods of water extraction for different needs. However, there are still different methods for these two methods of water intake. local.

1. Drilling is mainly a large project that uses mechanical equipment to drill the ground into cylindrical boreholes with a certain depth. According to the rock crushing method and the type of tools used, it can be divided into the drilling and rotary drilling;

2. Drilling is an operation performed on some household waters. Drilling is mainly focused on taking water from some small places. In our daily lives, we can often see wells being drilled.

How many meters a day a drilling vehicle can hit

Many people may want to ask how many meters a drill truck can hit in a day. In fact, the drilling depends on the geological environment. A good environment will drill well. The easy-to-sand formation drilling rate is very slow. In some stable bedrocks, the drilling rate will generally be At around 50 meters, when the geological conditions are good, it is possible to reach 100 meters per day.

Summary: Since ancient times, there have been wells in the Chinese village hospitals. Each household in Xiaobian village has its own well. Speaking of the depth of the groundwater level in different areas of the well, some well-watered areas only need to drill wells. There is water about 10 meters away, but in some areas where the water level is low, drilling a well may hit 200 meters. At this time, we need to use a professional drilling vehicle to drill a well.

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