The use of LED mobile advertising vehicles

LED mobile advertising vehicles have emerged in recent years with the rise of the LED industry. Refers to the LED display screen as an information output device, speakers and computers can be used as a multimedia information source, with the vehicle body as a carrier of advertising vehicles.

The development of LED mobile advertising vehicles and the development of advertising methods are inseparable. Humanity’s initial advertising methods are the sales and cries of vendors, and the gradual development of the society has led to posters, newspapers and magazines, magazine ads, and television ads. And other forms of advertising, LED mobile advertising vehicles is the emerging product of the continuous development of science and technology. The LED mobile advertising car originated in the United States and was introduced into China in 2006. After two years of research, it built China's first self-produced LED mobile advertising vehicle in 2008, with the combined effect of promotion and marketing methods in 2010. The device can be seen throughout the country in the year.

LED mobile advertising vehicles are very versatile and can be used for product promotion, brand promotion, live broadcasting of various drafts and other events. The location of use is also very flexible. A bustling commercial center, a quiet park corner, an ordinary community square and even a country lane can all become the platforms for the promotion and promotion of mobile LED advertising vehicles, and can achieve communication and interaction with the audience. The publicity effect is more general. The traditional propaganda technique is better.

In today's era of information explosion, products are increasingly diversified, and each business owner hopes to find a unique means of propaganda to quickly open the market and create brand awareness gains. The advent of LED mobile advertising vehicles has provided them with a new way of thinking, allowing the ads to move and attract people's attention through wonderful moving pictures. It surrounds everyone around them like air, so that it can achieve better publicity and more. Easy to accept by consumers. LED mobile advertising vehicles have the advantages of full color screen, high brightness, stable performance, and good impact resistance. The live picture is more three-dimensional, lifelike, and equipped with a light control system. It can follow the change of outdoor light intensity to change the brightness without causing light pollution. The advertising car body is easy to move and facilitate the timely release of information. It is a new type but new vitality of advertising and new media!

Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayer gives a smooth layer of coating over surfaces that is practically impossible to achieve using a brush or roller.

Airless Sprayer has a pump that forces paint up a hose and out of a Spray Gun through a very small tip. The nozzle on the end of the spray gun creates a fan pattern of paint onto a surface.  The tip size, as well as the pressure level, dictates the rate of paint flow.

According to the power type, it can be divided into Electric Airless Paint Sprayer, Gas Powered Airless Sprayers, Pneumatic Airless Sprayers, Hydraulic Airless Sprayers...

HVBAN exported 13 years of airless paint sprayers and original spare parts for Graco / Wagner / Titan.

We will offer kinds of spray paint machines and better after-sales service.

Airless Paint Sprayer

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