Electric logistics vehicle market exceeds 100 billion in the next five years

The 2016 National Electric Touring Conference of Electric Mobility Cars will be held in Shenzhen on June 24. Officials of the Guangdong Provincial Government and the Logistics and Automobile Industry Association will attend the meeting. Executives of several domestic vehicle companies, logistics and freight forwarding companies and courier companies will join the meeting. Explore the future development of pure electric logistics vehicles. As the new energy technologies continue to mature and industrial policies continue to promote, the industry chain is expected to accelerate the outbreak.

At present, most of the traditional special-purpose vehicle companies have begun to pay attention to the electric logistics vehicle market and started to launch relevant models. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced a new batch of new energy vehicle models announcements, of which 50% of the total 109 models are electric special models, indicating that the launch of corresponding promotion targets and the production and sales volume have entered the countdown period. At the same time, around the city's promotion policies on electric logistics vehicles, such as the grant of special licenses, operating subsidies, etc. are expected to be introduced in the second half.

Some agencies believe that the new energy logistics vehicle is becoming a major highlight of the development of new energy vehicles. Many provinces and cities across the country have issued support policies to promote the development of new energy logistics vehicles. Ping An Securities analysis, the annual compound annual growth rate of domestic electric logistics vehicle production and sales in the next five years is expected to exceed 50%, an incremental scale of one million vehicles, with an average price of 200,000 yuan per vehicle, corresponding to the direct market scale of over 200 billion yuan , related companies will welcome industry feast.

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