Refrigerator Truck Sales Analysis

As the saying goes, "One hundred and forty miles, half to ninety," and for businesses, 10% of this is in marketing. Successful marketing can bring huge benefits. Improper marketing methods can ruin the entire company.


Sales methods, casting success, when things are transient, Shun is the Chang, the reverse will die. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, what kind of sales can be deduced, and it is particularly important to firmly hold the customer's heart. The traditional sales model is gradually being eliminated, and in the face of new challenges, the sales model is continuously innovated.

Brand Marketing. With economic development, consumers pay more attention to the quality of products rather than prices, how to distinguish the pros and cons from many products are largely driven by the brand effect, most people choose a refrigerated truck will be relatively well-known The brands such as Jianghuai, etc., do not have a large price gradient. The brand itself will also be transformed into economic value in disguise. This is the reason why refrigerated trucks are equipped for contracts, etc., and the more expensive cars have a higher asking price.

Direct marketing. This is a new sales model in recent years. Called factory direct sales, that is to reduce the intermediate circulation links, no middlemen to make the difference, saving the cost of the product. Manufacturers integrate production and marketing, and more timely grasp the market dynamics and control the status of production.

Service marketing. The after-sale protection of products has also increasingly attracted the attention of consumers. Why do most consumers choose famous refrigerated trucks? The important reason is that due to relatively complete after-sales service, the post-maintenance of refrigerated trucks seriously affects its service life. A good brand is always impressed by humanity. Improve after-sale protection to earn more repeat customers. With the development of the service industry, the expansion of auto insurance and other services will also bring new wave.

Internet marketing. With the advent of the micro-era, low-cost sales are loved by many businesses and customers. The information is updated quickly, easy to understand, face to face, and insight into the configuration and performance of refrigerated trucks. The rise of micro-businesses has led to a wider range of information dissemination and stronger dissemination of information. It is also an extension of the relationship marketing model. People who know each other and recommend products are more likely to be assured by consumers, stimulating the consumption of related parties.

Lease marketing. The pursuit of cost-effectiveness has led to the emergence of leasing methods. The use of things in rotation reduces the cost of consumers. However, it can often increase his use, increase the cost of single use, so that the ultimate use of the car costs.

As the competitive market becomes more and more fierce, bundled and compound sales models are gradually emerging. Only by continuously innovating the sales model can it play the leading role in the refrigerated truck industry. Direction determines fate, sales determine success or failure.

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