What are the main factors affecting the effect of the coarse separation process of the Shibuya machine?

The cultivation of good rice will be inseparable from the refined rice inspection process. Therefore, with the continuous improvement of food quality and safety requirements, the rice testing project is becoming more and more professional, and various rice detection instruments are also applied. Rice mill, Shibuya machine, etc. Shigu machine is a professional instrument for shelling and separating rice. It is widely used in various fields such as quality inspection institutions, grain enterprises, agriculture, food processing and scientific research institutions. In the rice roughness test, to ensure that the test results are accurate and true, then we must use the glutinous rice machine to improve the effect of the grain separation process. Although the use of the instrument brings us convenience, it is necessary to use it. Can play the effect, here is a brief introduction to the main factors affecting the effect of the coarse separation process of the Shibuya machine valley?

Shibuya machine

Studies have shown that the main factor affecting the effect of the coarse separation process of the grain mill is the physical properties of the grain mixture. These physical properties are mainly: 1. Type, variety and uniformity of rice; 2. Moisture: moisture content of the mixture of grains and grains High, its poor fluidity, affecting the automatic classification of materials on the separation work surface; 3, grain to brown ratio: the ratio of the ratio of rice to brown rice in the mixture, affecting the opportunity of the material to contact and separate the working surface during the automatic classification process; 4 , rice husk content.

With the increasing demand for high-quality rice, various types of rice detection instruments are becoming more and more mature, and their applications in the industry are becoming more and more extensive. As a representative product, Shibuya has played an important role in the process of detecting the roughness of rice. In fact, detecting the roughness of rice is to calculate the mass fraction of the brown rice after the shelling of the net rice, so it is very important to get a good net rice after the shelling of the rice. At this time, a professional shelling instrument is used. Guji, and operating in the correct way, can ensure the accuracy of the test results, improve the detection effect, and provide the driving force for the grain industry to develop towards higher quality.

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