Comment|Subsidy early retreat put a low-speed electric car a way

新能源补贴退坡,低速电动车,A0级 A00级新能源汽车

After the subsidy was announced in advance, the vehicles under 150 kilometers will no longer be subsidized, which is equal to giving a low-speed electric car a life.

New energy vehicles under 150 kilometers are basically A0 or A00, and their pricing has been cut into the price range of low-speed electric vehicles. For instance, the market retail prices of 2017 D2 enjoyable version, known bean 2017 D2 intellectual version, known bean 2017 D2S, etc. were 46,800 yuan, 53,800 yuan and 59,800 yuan respectively; the price after Beiqi Ec180 subsidy was only 49,800 yuan. yuan.

Shandong is a major province of low-speed electric vehicles, but the lowest-speed electric vehicle with the highest production and sales volume is Hebei Yujie. Take the larger-selling Yu Jie 330 as an example, the price range is 30,800-45,800. This price crosses A0 or A00 new energy vehicles. If you are a buyer in a 4th and 5th tier city or a resident in a suburban area, what choices will be made for the two models with similar prices?

A survey shows that most consumers will choose to subsidize A0 or A00. After all, subsidized new energy vehicles are much stronger than low-speed electric vehicles in terms of their four major processes, brand image, etc. These vehicles also have the right of way to run on any road and do not have to play like a low-speed electric car; A00-grade new energy vehicles can also be accepted by insurance companies, while low-speed electric vehicles have many blind spots in insurance.

Before the subsidy adjustment, a large number of A0-class or A00-class new energy vehicles did put pressure on many low-speed electric vehicles. This phenomenon was particularly evident in the suburbs of large cities. Many people purchased A0 or A00 new energy vehicles. Take the number and send children to school like a low-speed electric car.

The chaos of low-speed electric vehicles has attracted the attention of many people. In order to solve this problem, the relevant departments introduced the “three ones”, namely, upgrade one batch, regulate one batch, and eliminate one batch. Under pressure from all parties, low-speed electric vehicles have tried to use lithium batteries, but the results have been very unsatisfactory. There was once a low-speed electric vehicle company intending to complete a plan for 1,000 lithium-ion battery vehicles. The result was not satisfactory. After the rapid increase in costs, coupled with brand influence is not as good as A0-level or A00-class new energy vehicles, poor sales of low-speed electric vehicles are in reasonable condition.

The subsidy will be retreated in advance, resulting in the upgrading of the original A0-class or A00-class new energy vehicle mileage to more than 150 kilometers. The recent listing of new energy vehicles by many companies is not A0 or A00, and the driving range is generally around 300 kilometers. As the driving range increased, the price also rose. The subsidized price of these new energy vehicles was between 120,000 yuan and 180,000 yuan. This kind of price and low-speed electric vehicles opened the market space distance, and the change in market space gave low-speed electric The chance of a panting moment in the vehicle also leaves room for low-speed electric vehicles to achieve “three ones”. It is understood that a low-speed electric car company after the replacement of lithium batteries, the sales price reached more than 70,000 yuan. The price gap of 40,000-50,000 yuan is quite attractive to target consumers.

Combined with the recently introduced "Auto Industry Investment Management Measures (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)", relevant departments are trying to straighten out the new energy vehicle market. Traditional auto companies, new car builders, and low-speed electric vehicle companies have found their own living space.

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