Digital detonator and its use regulations

Digital detonator and its use regulations

[Regulations] provision in the second paragraph of Article 150 of the third mining face, you must use the coal mine permissible instantaneous electric detonators, electric detonators mine allowable delay in milliseconds that permissible or digital electric detonators. When the mine is allowed to use the millisecond delay electric detonator, the extension period of the last paragraph shall not exceed 130ms. When using the digital licensed electric detonator in the coal mine, the total time difference of one detonation shall not exceed 130ms, and it shall be used in conjunction with the special detonator.

[Execution Description] The connection and use of the licensed digital electric detonator in the coal mine and the safety precautions to be taken during the connection and use must strictly follow the instructions of the electronic detonator manufacturer. The extension period of the licensed digital electric detonator for coal mines should not exceed 7 paragraphs. Coal mines should use pre-set coal mines to allow digital electric detonators. The blasting network connection connector should be suspended to ensure insulation from the ground or other conductors.

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