Water supply and drainage engineering construction quality common problems: butterfly valve flange with a common valve flange

Consequences: butterfly valve flange and ordinary valve flange sizes vary, and some flange diameter is small, and the butterfly valve flap, resulting in open or hard to open and make the valve damage. Action: Flange flange should be machined according to the actual size of the flange.

Silicon Front Terminal Battery

Optimized For High Current Discharges

Greensaver batteries are superior at discharging large currents. Our products are able to discharge 30C in 8 seconds.

Reduced Charging Time

Greensaver batteries can be recharged via large currents of up to 0.5-1.0C.It will be shorten more half time than the Lead-acid batteries if you equip with the special charger for the Silicone Power Batteries.

Enhanced Capacity

Greensaver batteries hold more charge and have much higher capacity than the international level.

Long Battery life

Under the normal operation and usage, Greensaver batteries have a 10 years float life, and are able to last up to more than 600 deep cycles(100% DOD).

Minimal self –discharge

Self-discharge in Greensaver batteries are greatly reduced. It can be still used without charging no longer within one year, it has more than four times storage than the average lead-acid batteries.

Maintains High Capacity Under Low Temperatures

Greensaver batteries are able to hold 80~85% of their total capacity under

–10℃ temperatures.

Extended Operating Temperature Range

Greensaver batteries are still able to be operated normally under the harshest environments under –40℃~+70℃ temperatures.

No Memory Effects, And Maintenance Free Sealed Design

Greensaver Batteries do not suffer from memory effects during recharges and discharges. And they are also maintenance free designed to aid your convenience.

Environmental protection Silicate Compound Electrolyte

The silicate compound electrolyte has feeble acidic vapors during charging.

It is in line with the requirement of environmental protection.

Low Internal Resistance

Using the silicate compound electrolyte, internal resistance is greatly reduced. High temperatures do not generate easily during charging. This will be prolonging the using life of the batteries. With the high affection during the charging and recharging, the strong receive ability of the little current.

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