From the driving to the maintenance of these tips can extend the life of the car

Driving skills Chapter 1, the brakes do not step on the end of the P block - damage to the manual transmission of the car, the clutch does not step on the end of the mandatory gear will damage the transmission.

When the automatic car half-steps on the brake and the brake light is on, the gear can be pushed into the P position. If the brakes are not trampled, they will be pushed directly to the P block. When the road surface is uneven, the vehicle will move a little and it will impact the transmission gear. In the long run, transmission life is shortened.

2, the bottom of the tank before refueling - short pump life there are always such a lazy driver, like to wait for the fuel warning light up after looking for gas stations everywhere. However, the fuel pump of the EFI car is cooled by the fuel itself. If the oil level is too low, the pump may be overheated or even burned. Over time, the life of the car's oil pump may be greatly reduced.

3, parking spaces are not flat - damage frame Some owners often half of the wheels parked on the shoulders. Long-term parking will cause four-wheel drop to be too large, causing distortion to the frame and even affecting the closing of the door. Long-term parking on uneven ground can also have similar consequences.

In addition, after the vehicle is parked, the wheels do not return to normal, which is also very damaging to the vehicle: it will injure the steering lever and the boot, affecting the steering system.

4, with air-conditioning start - the best engine stall before the first one or two minutes before turning off the air conditioner - in this way, in addition to drying air conditioning outlet, to prevent bacteria from growing in the air conditioning, more importantly, if you do not turn off the air conditioning, the next time When the vehicle starts, the engine starts with the air conditioning load. The correct way is to start the air conditioner after starting the vehicle for two or three minutes and the engine is lubricated.

5, killing direction - damage to the steering mechanism to drive the wrong direction, many friends have, often killed the steering wheel will help the pump in the direction of the car has a loss, a long time will exacerbate the aging of the pump belt, power pump failure There is also an impact on the direction machine. If you have to kill the direction, the correct course of action is to return immediately after the direction of death to avoid damage to the direction machine.

6, neutral gear sliding - damaged gearbox manual gear owners are more like neutral gear sliding, although there are security risks, but because of fuel-efficient, many people are used to doing so.

However, for the automatic transmission, the neutral sliding is harmful and unprofitable.

No fuel: The current family cars are basically EFI engines. After the engine rotates at a speed of over 1000 rpm, the engine will automatically stop feeding oil. If your car has a real fuel consumption meter, you can clearly see this. When the fuel consumption is zero.

Damage to the gearbox: When the automatic transmission is at neutral, the driving speed is different from the engine speed, and the oil pressure in the hydraulic circuit of the gearbox is likely to be insufficient. This will increase the friction and damage the internal friction plates of the automatic transmission, resulting in the transmission being out of gear. malfunction.

Maintenance need to know articles Trap 1: minor illness overhaul, disease-free overhaul The car was only a small fault, no major problems, and some unscrupulous repairers bully the owner does not understand the car, exaggerating the car's failure, or even nothing to fault, Some maintenance items that were not needed were reported and the maintenance cost was drastically increased. The owners paid the money.

Suggestion: Everyone asks the maintenance shop to check the maintenance voucher. When the maintenance consultant advises the owner to replace the parts, if the consumer can not confirm whether the service staff said the situation is true, they can ask the staff to come up with the corresponding inspection certificate. This can also be used as a future complaint and demand proof.

Trap #2: Misrepresenting the amount of oil The car engine needs to change its oil. In the refueling process, a barrel of 4 liters of oil actually adds 3.8 liters, but it is 4 liters when reporting to the owner. With the remaining 0.2 liters of oil, maintenance personnel can be collected and sold as a bucket to the next owner after several additional operations. What's more serious is that the car would only need to add 4 liters of oil, and it will need to add 5 liters to the owner.

Suggestion: Before the master adds oil, look at whether the cap of the oil package has been opened. In addition, you should carefully read the owner's manual of your car model to know the required standard amount of oil for the engine of the vehicle.

Trap 3: Falling out of the bag fittings This phenomenon generally exists only in the individual informal maintenance stalls and maintenance workshops. This is not the case for the regular 4S shop repair shop. The specific operation is to repair maintenance personnel with some owners who are more familiar with the maintenance personnel, and remove the accessories of the other one with a newer condition for the car to be replaced. There is also a lot of old parts (such as the more concealed sensors) that have not been used for a long time by the maintenance staff, and the accessories on your new car are all changed. This situation is mostly directed to various types of sensors on the vehicle, actuator components, and tires that are easily packaged.

Suggestion: The owner should try to understand the basic knowledge of the car he drives, have a general understanding of the various components of the car, have a detailed understanding of the parts he should replace, and be aware of. In addition, individuals who want to help themselves with service projects must keep their eyes open.

Trap 4: The more accidental the car was repaired, the more accidental the car was, and unfortunately it was a minor accident. The car was sent for repair. However, the situation often encountered is that the more the car is repaired, the more problematic it is. Not only does it fix a big problem, but it also repairs the moon more frequently, and repairs are endless. In many cases, some unscrupulous merchant repair trade unions took away some of the newer parts of the car before the accident car was damaged. Instead, old parts or even defective parts were replaced, and the accident car would be repaired and damaged. Longer repairs.

Advice: It is best for the owner to confirm and record the appearance of the vehicle, the spare tire, and the tools together with the repair station. In addition, supervise the relevant staff for the first time for their own car to determine the damage, and get a loss order and then leave.

Pitfall 5: The list of repairs given by the manufacturers who cut corners and materials is inconsistent with the actually implemented maintenance items. The change did not change, the change only repair, inconsistent maintenance and so on.

Suggestion: After the car is repaired, we carefully check and verify the actual maintenance project. This is not only a matter of money, but it also affects the safety of driving.

Trap 6: Foil Fake Brand-name This damage is more common in the maintenance industry, more deceptive is that when you show it, security signs, anti-counterfeit phones, etc., but it is fake on your car membrane.

Recommendation: Use a film with a warranty card as far as possible, and then call the relevant manufacturer to verify the authenticity of the product.

Trap 7: After repairing a new collision or accident, the bumper, fenders, headlights, etc. that should have been replaced should be replaced with gold, sprayed paint, repaired and then secretly impersonated. Toll.

Suggestion: After repairing, check the repaired and replaced parts properly. Is it brand-new? It is easier to see if you are using old ones, and it can be seen by a few serious inspections.

Trap 8: According to industry insiders, the current auto repair market is not only genuine products that flow out of 4S shops and service stations, but most of them are deputy factory parts, and as long as the quantity of certain models on the market is large enough to imitate genuine products. Mass production of vice factory parts is profitable. The headlights, bumpers, lacquer covers and other sheet metal commonly used parts are the highlights of the deputy plant parts. The deputy factory parts are generally not tested before leaving the factory, there is no certificate of conformity, as for the warranty period, etc. are negotiated privately between the seller and the buyer, and some do not even have any warranty period. In addition, in addition to the vice plant parts are filled with factory parts, there are refurbished parts posing as new parts, dismantling parts and other new parts and other counterfeit and inferior acts. Any accessories other than the general engine, such as oil seals, generators, air-conditioner compressors (more pieces of scraps and auxiliary items), three-grid, gasoline pumps, fuel filters, brake pads and other consumable parts are ubiquitous This situation.

Suggestion: Before the replacement, let the other party acknowledge in writing that it is a factory part, and promised a warranty. Then, it is to see if the packaging of the accessories is exquisite, whether the printed fonts such as the part number are clear, and whether the paper of the accessory packaging stickers is excellent, because the sticker papers of general factory parts are very good.

Trap 9: Accessories only repair non-fatal glitches of some parts of the vehicle, only need a simple repair and replacement. However, some unscrupulous dealers also save time in order to make profits by taking advantage of the opportunity. When the maintenance tasks are completed, these costs are directly passed on to the customer. Originally, they only need to spend more than ten yuan for failure. They simply require the owner to directly replace the parts and greatly increase the cost. Maintenance income, so that owners of helplessness, be mad, exhausted.

Suggestion: The owner has time to accumulate some knowledge of vehicle maintenance is very useful, and you can also ask the other party to show proof of inspection. It is best to have friends you know who are car repairers. You can do a good job at this critical time.

Trap 10: Mature customers are better slaughtered “acquaintances do things better”, many owners think that someone in the store, “matured” can avoid being “hidden rules”. However, in the face of some unscrupulous auto repairers, everyone's so-called friendship will look pale and powerless.

Suggestion: We must have a certain understanding of the problem of the fault of our car and master some basic knowledge of auto repair. Careful follow-up of each detail during the vehicle maintenance process to avoid pits during maintenance.

How to avoid swindling?

In addition to dim sums, it is very useful for everyone to accumulate some maintenance knowledge. The car has some minor problems and can easily handle it. When it encounters major problems, it will not be swindled by maintenance personnel. Or you can take the initiative to meet some friends who understand the maintenance of the car, can definitely help you save a lot of money, less gas.

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