· The third and fourth-tier markets are the third growth pole of the new normal market

Although China's auto market maintained a certain growth trend in 2015, due to the macroeconomic situation and local restrictions and purchase restrictions, the lack of growth in the first and second markets has become the new normal, while the third and fourth grade markets have shown great vitality.
Recently, the 10th China Automotive 3rd and 4th Market Innovation and Development Conference and the 2015 Top 100 Tournament Series Annual Meeting was held in Beijing. He Guangyuan, former minister of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, and former director of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, Shao Qihui, director of the State Machinery Industry Bureau, and other industry experts and enterprises gathered together to take the pulse of the new normal and the Chinese third- and fourth-class automobile market under the background of Internet marketing.
The third and fourth-tier markets become the third growth pole of automobile consumption
Li Chunlei, chairman of China Energy Automotive Communications Group and president of China Automotive News, said in his speech: "The small and medium-sized cities distributed in the vast third and fourth grades and in the lower-tier market are large, vast and populous, despite the experience. After several years of rapid development, but the current car ownership is still low, the rigid demand for cars is still very strong, is the main support force for the continued growth of the car market in the next few years."
As the founder of the Top 100 Tournament Series, Li Qingwen, Chairman of the China Association of Automobile Journalists, used the theory of growth poles to explain the conclusion that the third and fourth-tier markets are new growth points in China's auto market. He said that Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the first growth poles of automobile consumption. The second growth pole is the prefecture-level cities in the provincial capitals and developed regions. The third growth pole is the third- and fourth-tier cities, the western regions and the eastern regions. Regional prefecture-level cities, this is the main engine for the development of the Chinese auto market. “Compared with the first and second growth pole markets, the third growth pole market is more dispersed. Considering the distance, time and other factors, manufacturers and dealers have great difficulty in the market layout of the third and fourth grades, but this is precisely what we have to do. Opportunity," Li Qingwen said.
At the meeting, Zhang Kelin, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, also said that the automotive industry should not only take the lead in supply-side reform, product structure adjustment and technological innovation, but also pay attention to the development of different levels of the automotive market. Wang Xia, chairman of the Automotive Industry Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, proposed that opening up the third- and fourth-tier markets is also conducive to urbanization.
Develop differentiated marketing
Channel sinking is a consensus of car companies, but the third- and fourth-tier markets are fragmented and diversified. Enterprises must provide products of different grades and different functional configurations according to the economic level, geographical environment and human customs of each market. Targeted service. Xiao Zhengsan, secretary general of the China Automobile Dealers Association, also stressed that car companies should actively develop auto finance business in the third and fourth grade markets.
As a practitioner who expanded the third- and fourth-tier markets earlier, Changan and Jiangling shared their marketing strategies. Gong Bing, vice president of Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. and general manager of Changan Automobile Sales Co., said: "The annual sales volume of the county-level market is small, and the survival pressure of enterprises is very large. Therefore, while building mini-stores and direct-operated stores, it is necessary to make full use of the society. The stock resources are subcontracted out of the service chain.” Mao Chunming, general manager of Yusheng Business Department of Jiangling Motors Sales Company, emphasized the importance of differentiated marketing. At the same time, in the Internet era, he should pay attention to microblogging and WeChat’s self-media marketing and strengthen the experience. Marketing.
The Organizing Committee of the Top 100 Tournament Series also released the "2016 Third- and Fourth-Class Automobile Market Consumption Trend Survey Report". The report believes that after 80, it is still the main car buyers, and the models within 200,000 yuan are the first choice for consumers in the third- and fourth-tier cities. Among them, compact cars are more popular, and the SUV market still has a space for rapid growth. The role of brand factors in car selection is still relatively large.
Exhibition marketing to "Internet +" transformation
At the meeting, the best-selling model and marketing service awards for the 2015 third- and fourth-class auto market were also presented. Changan Automobile and Jiangling Motors were respectively awarded the Best Selling Independent Brand Award and the Third- and Fourth-Class Automobile Marketing Achievement Awards in the 2015 third- and fourth-class automobile market, and SAIC Volkswagen won the best-selling joint venture brand award in the third- and fourth-class automobile market.
At the launching ceremony of the 2016 Top 100 Tournament Series, Li Yuansheng, executive vice president and secretary general of the China Association of Automobile Journalists, said that in order to comply with the consumption trend of the Internet era, the Top 100 Tour Series activities will be held from 2016 to “Exhibition + Internet”. The transformation and upgrading to meet the needs of enterprises and consumers.
The data shows that the top 100 tour exhibitions jointly organized by China Machinery Industry Federation, China Auto News and China Automobile Journalists Association have held more than 700 auto show events in more than 150 small and medium-sized cities in more than ten years. Accumulated sales of more than 300,000 vehicles.

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