The world's electric car sales ranking TOP5 Which do you like?

As countries continue to promote the environmental protection of automobiles, the sales of electric vehicles continue to increase. According to statistics from statistical agencies, the total sales volume of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles in the world have so far totaled 740,000 vehicles. In 2014, they accounted for almost half of the total. Among the top five models of global electric vehicle sales, Nissan Leaf has so far sold cumulatively: 150,000 vehicles. It has undoubtedly won the championship. Chevrolet Volenda ranked second, a model that is red in China. The Model S was ranked fourth with 50,000 cars, but its high price ranked fourth as excellent.
    Nissan Leaf
Accumulated sales so far: 150,000 units
    The first generation of Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle was launched in 2009. In 2013, it introduced a small remodeling model. Using more efficient batteries, the cruising range was increased from 175 to 199 kilometers before the change. Progress is indeed not very good. Big. The 2014 models of Nissan LEAF models are all equipped with a rear view video system, and a brand new body paint is also used, which makes this model more selectable colors, and the overall vehicle grade is also improved. The new generation of Leaf will have a maximum mileage of 400 kilometers. The car will debut later in 2015 or 2016.
Chevrolet Volenda
Guide price: 4980-49.80 million
Used car price: 20 million
Accumulated sales so far: 75,000
Vollanda uses a more low-profile body shape. The front face has adopted Chevrolet's latest family-style design style in recent years. Its appearance meets aerodynamic requirements, reducing wind resistance and reducing energy consumption. Veranda uses a plug-in charging technology that can be charged using a normal 220V household power supply. After charging is complete, it can last up to 80km with a maximum speed of 160km/h. The new second-generation Wolanda-ups-up hybrid vehicles will be launched at the North American Auto Show this year. The new vehicles will be launched in the second half of this year.
Toyota Prius PHEV
Accumulated sales so far: 60,000 vehicles
    The Prius PHEV uses a 1.8-liter petrol engine with a maximum power of 73kw, but it adds a lithium battery pack with a maximum power of 60kw. The special point is that the Prius PHEV can be charged with the charging port on the left side of the front and the household 220V power supply within 100 minutes. It can be 5.3kwh full of batteries. In addition, the Prius PHEV does not have a button that can switch between EV (Electricity) and HEV (Hybrid) modes, that is, it can only be driven in EV mode before the battery runs out.
Tesla Model S
Guide price: 64.80 million -98.05 million
Used car price: 59.80 million -115.00 million
Accumulated sales so far: 50,000 units
    Soon after Tesla entered China, he had a huge fan base, so that people living under the "deck" seemed to find a solution to the future of environmental protection. Although the Tesla MODEL S is a pure electric car, it has a sports car-like appearance and the design is surprising. The Tesla Model S can achieve instant acceleration, just like pulling a switch and depressing the accelerator pedal, it takes 5.6 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour without dragging water or burning a drop of gasoline.
BMW i3
Guide price: 44.98 million -51.68 million
Accumulated sales so far: 15,000 units

      BMW i3 pure electric version is the first mass production car whose body is made of carbon fiber material. It adopts a four-seater design and has a volume of 200 liters for luggage. The cruising range of the BMW i3 pure electric version is only 160km. It is still necessary to use daily commuting, but weekend outings are a bit slim. In addition, the BMW i3 will also be equipped with an automatic navigation system to achieve automatic driving functions. The entire system includes an automatic braking system and an automatic parking system. Automatic lane changing can be realized at a vehicle speed of less than 40 km/h.

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