Ammonia refrigeration will be the future development trend of refrigeration equipment industry

With the rapid development of various industries, the demand for refrigeration equipment is also getting higher and higher. The Freon refrigeration technology that is currently mainly used not only has high operating costs, but also has great damage to the ozone layer. The emergence of ammonia refrigeration will probably solve this problem, and ammonia refrigeration will be a trend in the development of the refrigeration equipment industry in the future.

At present, the cold chain logistics of agricultural products usher in a period of rapid development. The development of agricultural products processing industry, the need to reduce the loss of circulation of agricultural products, the increasing emphasis on food safety, and the increasing demand for frozen and refrigerated foods will all promote the rapid development of agricultural product logistics. . All aspects of cold chain logistics of agricultural products are inseparable from refrigeration equipment, especially the low-temperature transport vehicles in the cold storage construction and circulation of storage links are the weak links in the cold chain logistics of agricultural products.

The frozen food industry will rise in our country and become the fastest-growing food industry in the future, becoming a breakthrough point for China's traditional food industrialization. It is estimated that in the next 5 to 10 years, with the inflow of foreign technology and the development of domestic technologies, the improvement of relevant policies and regulations, the improvement of people's living standards and cultural standards, the development of food refrigerated transport and refrigeration equipment will gradually improve and improve.

In recent years, China's refrigeration equipment industry has experienced a period of rapid growth. Domestic refrigeration products have many advantages in terms of manufacturing technology, cost control, and market share. However, with the gradual warming of the Chinese refrigeration market, foreign refrigeration equipment companies have begun to “gold rush” in China today, and have achieved good development results. The deep plowing and development of foreign companies in the Chinese market has made China's refrigeration equipment industry companies face enormous challenges.

Compared with developed countries, China's refrigeration equipment companies have lower investment in scientific research and their detection methods are relatively backward, which has affected the improvement of refrigeration technology. Looking at the long-term development, we can form core technologies and core competitiveness with independent intellectual property rights so that we can truly realize the advancement from a manufacturing giant in the refrigeration industry to a manufacturing powerhouse. China's refrigeration equipment industry is responding to the status quo of the development of refrigeration equipment at home and abroad, grasping the development direction of refrigeration equipment technology, and identifying and resolving current problems in the development of the industry. Combine the status quo of China's economic development and the status quo of the development of refrigeration equipment technology, and formulate industry standards. Only by creating a good refrigeration equipment market can we break through the bottleneck of industry development.

In this regard, the pharmaceutical network Xiao Bian suggested that domestic cold storage industry companies should take this development opportunity seriously, promote the concept of modern cold chain logistics as soon as possible, innovate modern cold chain logistics technology, improve the cold chain logistics standard system, and establish major varieties and key areas as soon as possible. Cold chain logistics system of agricultural products, give full play to the role of policy and market, is the development of enterprises and industries to a new level!

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