Using MEP Electromagnetic Transmission Pump to Solve the Problem of Cold Start

Modern power electronics technology. The use of electromagnetic fuel pumps by the defense industry to improve the cold starting of vehicles with cold starting vehicles has always been a problem that many domestic automobile manufacturers and users have often paid attention to and studied. The cold starting problem of vehicles involves many factors. This article discusses the use of MEP electromagnetic fuel pump to solve the problem of cold start.

General vehicles, especially diesel locomotives, are under 20-40°C climate conditions in northern China and vehicles are more difficult to start. Although diesel locomotives have preheating devices, the size of mechanical oil pumps depends on the mechanical frequency. At idle, the mechanical frequency is not high, and the retardation of diesel is increased due to the lower temperature. As mechanical pumps have many oil seal points and are prone to leaks, they often do not follow the oil at the cold start and cannot be quickly exhausted to purify the oil circuit. In recent years, a series of electromagnetic fuel pump developed by Shanghai Jiaotong University and produced by Shanghai Guanghao Transportation Electric Industrial Co. has solved the above problems. The MEP electromagnetic fuel pump is produced using new materials and new processes. It adopts modular work methods, which is small in size, high in power, and easy to assemble. The most important thing is that the series is full, reliability is good, continuous work can be up to 2000 hours or more, and many indicators are Exceeded Japanese JISD industry standards. In recent years, some large and medium-sized passenger trucks and military vehicles have been used with good results and are generally welcomed by users.

In addition, because the power source of the electromagnetic fuel pump and the mechanical pump is fundamentally different, its use in general conditions also brings many benefits. For example, the oil passages of some large-scale vehicles can be lengthened to facilitate the frequent starting of the vehicle, and it is not easy to turn off the vehicle when climbing a slope. The electric exhaust is far more convenient than the manual exhaust. Of course, for gasoline cars, air resistance can be greatly reduced in the summer. In short, MEP electromagnetic pump has many advantages over mechanical pumps. As long as the reliability of electromagnetic pump is recognized by the market, its application prospects should be very broad.