Copper Tube Characteristics and Welding Performance Analysis

Radiator Top Ten Brand Analysis Copper Tube Characteristics and Welding Performance

1, copper is a face-centered cubic character, with more deformation slip. Room temperature, high temperature deformation ability is good, but in the 500 ~ 600 degrees Celsius will show "temperate temperature brittle." Cracks can easily occur between these temperatures during welding.

2, copper thermal conductivity is very high (6-8 times that of steel), and heat capacity, a large number of heat during welding from the welding area quickly spread to the surrounding parent material and loss, easy to produce no fusion and incomplete penetration, while steel melting When the surface tension is small and the hydraulic performance is poor, cracks and pores are easily generated in the weld seam and heat affected zone. Therefore, it is necessary to use a strong energy source for energy concentration during welding, and measures such as preheating before welding and heat preservation after welding should be taken.

3, copper has strong inhalation, hydrogen solubility in the process of solidification of the weld changes, the liquid-solid transition of the large solubility ratio of 3.7 (and steel is only 1.4), hydrogen too late to escape, so that the weld seam porosity, hydrogenation Copper and other impurities and copper form a low-melting point eutectic, distributed in the lattice boundary, easy to produce hot cracks. In the process of welding and solidification of copper, the grains will grow, which will significantly reduce the cracking and toughness of the joints.

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