ARM Holdings Launches New High-End Microcontroller Chip

ARM Holdings announced that the new chip design is suitable for factory automation, automotive and home security systems, and stressed that the company is focusing on the growing Internet-connected industrial and home equipment.
The ARM processor technology licensed from Cambridge, UK, has its intellectual property used in DVD players to coffee machines in the chip makers of the entire smart phone industry. ARM is fortifying technology that aims to "intelligently" connect home and industrial device products. The trend of electronic company bets will drive new growth as an explosive demand for smart phones.
Simon Simon, ARM’s chief executive, said that many of the current home connected products on the market will have little effect. For most consumers, adding the best smart devices in the future will obviously have its effect. ARM announced on Tuesday that the Cortex-M7 processor is designed for high-end microcontroller chips and has been licensed to chip makers Atmel, Freescale and STMicroelectronics. The tiny computer on the microcontroller chip can be used in the car to the microwave oven.