Soil Tester's Guiding Role in the Development of Modern Agriculture

The construction of agricultural high-tech demonstration parks in the process of agricultural modernization is an advanced leader. In the park, environmental factors and management levels are relatively consistent, and the main factor affecting soil productivity is the level of soil fertility. Fertilizer absorption characteristics of different varieties of rice are also different, according to fertility conditions and agronomic measures in different regions (such as small plots), combined with fertility evaluation, soil fertigation and formula fertilization, provide the most various fertilizers and trace elements Good dosage, fertilization time and methods guide farmers to properly fertilize crops without losing time. Soil nutrients are the core part of soil fertility. Comprehensive and objective evaluation of soil nutrient levels is the basis for scientific fertilization, and also the basis for all agricultural technology promotion and precision agriculture implementation. The soil tester plays an important role in the determination of soil nutrients and is also the only way to modern agricultural development.

The selection of participating factors and the classification of grading indicators are the basis and core work of soil nutrient evaluation. This study follows as much as possible the principle of comprehensiveness and dominance, the principle of combining quantitative and qualitative, the principle of accuracy and practicality. Based on the biological characteristics of rice and its special requirements for soil and a large number of investigations and analysis, the following factors were selected for the soil nutrient evaluation in the park: organic matter, available nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, and pH.

Through the determination of the soil tester, the soil nutrient level was objectively evaluated, the quantitative indicators of soil nutrient evaluation were given, and a quantitative method for soil nutrient evaluation was implemented in the computer, providing comprehensive and quantitative evaluation of nutrients. Thoughts. This not only ensures the control of the amount of fertilizer, but also improves the benefits, and it also protects the environment.