· Anti-monopoly has spawned a car in Beijing

All along, the “double-limit policy” that limits the minimum price and sales in a limited area is a management measure that auto manufacturers have established for dealers. Although it was not available on the table for violating the Anti-Monopoly Law, this policy has been in the Chinese auto market for a long time and has become a well-known secret. With the fact that the anti-monopoly investigations of relevant state ministries and commissions have been in effect since this year, not only have huge fines issued for parts and components companies, but also the vehicle manufacturers have been severely punished. Under such circumstances, the Beijing Morning Post reporter learned through the investigation of the Beijing auto market that the current cross-regional sales policy of multiple brands is quietly loosened.
The person in charge of a Shanghai Volkswagen dealer said that in the anti-monopoly environment, most cars are not in a good profit state for domestic cars, so from the sale of this piece, the problem of price monopoly does not exist. "But the regional management, our brand regional management is now also adjusting, but it has not reached a completely clear stage. A few days ago, there was a news that from the perspective of satisfying consumers' demand for car purchase, the message given by the manufacturer is: Not only for local consumers, but also for consumers in other regions, we should provide them.” That is to say, the policy of prohibiting cross-regional sales is beginning to loosen.
According to the Beijing Morning Post reporter, before Beijing had no restrictions on purchase, most auto manufacturers had a policy of prohibiting cross-regional sales for dealers. After the implementation of the purchase restriction at the end of 2011 in Beijing, the sales of new cars in Beijing have been swayed. In order to let the Beijing dealers survive, the self-owned brands and some of the weaker brands of the brands will take a blind eye to the cross-regional sales of Beijing dealers. Eye attitude. However, to the strong brands such as FAW-Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen, the regional sales policy is still being implemented. Although it is not excluded that individual dealers secretly sell across regions, cross-regional sales are certainly not allowed by manufacturers. However, when the current anti-monopoly investigation is in full swing, the orders for the prohibition of cross-regional sales by various automobile brands in Beijing have been quietly lifted.
However, an industry analyst believes that in the short term, it is a good thing for distributors in Beijing. Because from a holistic perspective, due to the fierce competition of Beijing dealers, the price of cars is relatively cheap compared to neighboring provinces and cities such as Hebei and Shandong. This is why there are often foreign customers who come to Beijing to buy a car. In terms of sales volume, the number of new cars exported to the Asian city has been accounting for more than 30% of total sales. However, in the long run, it is difficult to say whether the price advantage of Beijing dealers will still exist after the cancellation of cross-regional sales is prohibited.