Titanium ore dressing plant - Nalakupa Concentrator (Australia)

Epinal Cooper (Narecoopa) beneficiation plant put into operation in April 1969, is located in a beach placer gold island of Australia. The deposit contains about 50% by weight of minerals, mainly of useful minerals rutile and zircon, leucoxene followed, titanium iron ore, magnetite, garnet and cassiterite. The concentrator is divided into two parts: roughing plant and selected plant.

The raw ore is mined into the roughing plant and pre-screened through a 4 mm sieve. The sieve is discarded and the product is sieved to 32 Ford-type spiral concentrators for rough selection. A spiral concentrator is used for re-election. The two spiral concentrator concentrates were pumped to three Gill-type magnetic separators for magnetic separation. The magnetic product is an ilmenite concentrate. The non-magnetic products are scrubbed by the Linatex jet impact box, and then 8 shakers are selected. The shaker concentrate is tin concentrate, and the secondary concentrate is a coarse concentrate containing zircon and rutile. To this operation, the tailings are returned to the re-selected spiral concentrator for re-engineering. The rough selection process of the plant is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Nale Cooper rutile wet selection plant process

The coarse concentrate selection is carried out by high pressure electric selection, strong magnetic separation and wind shaker dry selection combined process (see Figure 2). Selected from zircon and rutile concentrates.

Figure 2 Nalakupa rutile company dry selection plant process

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