Haikou Phosphate Mine - Positive Flotation Process

The mine is located in the southwestern Haikou area of ​​Dianchi Lake, Kunming City, Yunnan Province.
(1) Ore properties
(1) Ore type The ore is a chemically deposited stratiform phosphate rock deposit. The ore body is divided into upper and lower layers. The localized section of the upper mine is weathered to make the P2O5 content up to 30%; the lower layer is less weathered. The average P 2 O 5 content of the whole mine is 20~25%. The natural types of ore are pseudo-skull, strip, strip-like dolomitic, bioclustered, sand-like, breccia-like phosphorite.
(2) Mineral composition In the ore, the phosphate mineral is colloidal phosphate and a small amount of apatite; the gangue mineral is dolomite, quartz and chalcedony.
(3) Raw ore chemical composition The chemical composition of the ore is listed in Table 1.

(4) Ore inlay characteristics In the ore, the phosphate rock is mainly produced by pseudo-salt, braided or irregularly gelled phosphorite. The cement is mainly quartz, chalcedony and carbonate. The plywood mine has a maximum particle size of 1.68 mm and a minimum of 0.24 mm; more than 95% of the carbonate is dolomite, the maximum particle size is 3 mm, the minimum is 0.003 mm, generally 0.05 to 0.26 mm; quartz is clastically embedded in carbonic acid. In the salt and phosphate rock matrix, the maximum particle size is 0.86 mm, the minimum is 0.003 mm, and the average is 0.078 to 0.13 mm.
(2) Beneficiation method The upper weathering ore of the mine adopts the process of scrubbing, sieving, deliming, and then flotation; the lower layer of primary ore is scrubbed, delimed, and then subjected to reverse-positive flotation process (both Intermediate test).
The conditions for the lower ore selection process are listed in Table 2.

The intermediate test results of the upper and lower layers are shown in Table 3.

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