Commonly used filter system configuration

The vacuum filter must be combined with a vacuum pump, a gas water separator, a blower, a centrifugal water pump, an automatic drain device, a filtrate tank, a pipeline, etc. to form a system to operate normally.
The limit gauge vacuum pressure of the water ring vacuum pump, the plunger type direct air pump, the water jet pump and the steam jet pump can meet the needs of the normal operation of the filter, and can be used together with the vacuum filter. Commonly used in production are water ring vacuum pumps and water jet pumps.
The blower required for the vacuum filter to blow off the filter cake is usually a Yes blower and an SZ type water ring compressor. In some small beneficiation plant design, the more use of the exhaust gas discharged from the vacuum pump blowoff cake, thus replacing the blower, saving equipment costs, but also reduces noise and energy consumption of the blower.
The discharge device of the filtrate has three kinds of automatic draining devices, a filtrate tank, a gravity draining device and a filtrate pump forced draining device. The automatic draining device is an innovation in the demineralization operation in China. The filtrate can be automatically discharged without setting the filter at a high position. The filtrate cylinder gravity draining device can automatically discharge the filtrate, but its biggest disadvantage is that the filter must be installed at a high position to ensure that the height difference between the lower end of the filtrate cylinder separation baffle and the water seal water surface is about 10 meters. The forced pumping device of the filtrate pump requires that the vacuum gauge pressure of the suction pump of the centrifugal pump is not lower than the vacuum gauge pressure in the filtrate tank. It is suitable for the treatment of flotation concentrate filtration system with fine particle size, high viscosity and difficult to filter, but the filtrate The pump consumes power.
The design of the vacuum filter filtration system includes two aspects. On the one hand, it is necessary to correctly select the auxiliary equipment and facilities used with the filter, and on the other hand, the filtration system should be properly designed. There are four kinds of vacuum pumps, three kinds of liquid discharging methods and two kinds of air blowing methods for use with the vacuum filter. According to this arrangement, 21 kinds of filtration systems can be formed. The most commonly used ones are as follows:
1. The filter system consisting of a water ring vacuum pump and an automatic drain device is shown below.


The system is also capable of blowing and unloading with a blower and blowing and unloading with a vacuum pump. Most of our concentrating plants use the filtration system shown in Figure b below. It uses a water ring vacuum pump instead of a blower, and uses the exhaust gas from the gas-water separator to blow off the filter cake, which simplifies the filtration system and reduces noise in the plant. The power consumption.
2. The filtering system consisting of a water jet pump and an automatic draining device is shown below. The system has two types of unloading methods: a blower blower discharge and a water tank exhaust discharge.

Due to its simple structure, easy manufacture, large pumping capacity, no moving parts, low maintenance workload and low energy consumption, the water jet pump can replace the water ring vacuum pump and has been widely used in the design of small and medium-sized concentrators in recent years. However, the water jet pump has the disadvantage that the nozzle is easily blocked.

    ●    Used in hydraulic system.

    ●    Filter media is Complex Fiber, Resin-Impregnated Paper, Stainless Steel Sintered Metal Mesh, control cleanliness effective.

    ●    First bubble point per ISO2942.

    ●    Flow resistance per ISO3968.

    ●    Retained capacity and Filter efficiency per ISO16889.

    ●    Mass filtration precision for choose.

    ●    The size can make to order according to the customer's demand.

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