Swirl fine sieve

      1. Electromagnetic Vibration swirling vortex sieve screen is first selected by the Polish coal Institute in the 1960s design combines the advantages of both the hydrocyclone and the arcuate sieve, sieve diameter which is tapered from 1200mm Development It has been serialized to 3200mm and is mainly used for the recovery of coarse coal slime such as pre-dewatering, de-sludge and grading of coarse coal slime in coal preparation plant. It can also be used as dewatering, desliming and grading equipment for other similar materials. Since 1975, it has been widely used in coal preparation plants all over the world. China has also introduced several OSO-B type cyclone sieves (Ф600mm) from Poland. The trial effect is good, and the running water and pressure screening problems of the slime shaker are solved. However, after a period of use, the slime particles block the sieve hole phenomenon. , causing a sharp drop in screening efficiency. To this end, the Chongzhou Coal Mine Design Institute designed the electromagnetic vibrating cyclone screen with the characteristics of China with the installation of electromagnetic vibrators in 1982.
The structure of the electromagnetic vibrating swirling screen is shown in Fig. 1. The outer casing 7 is welded with a 5 mm steel plate, and the upper and lower bodies of the outer casing are bolted. The upper slit of the tapered screen 3 is approximately radially distributed along the screen wall, and the slit of the lower screen is perpendicular to the upper slit. The circular guide groove 2 is internally provided with a vertical guide screen 5 which is parallel to the vertical axis of the body. The upper body of the outer casing and the guide screen are sealed by a rewinding rubber gasket. The rubber sealing ring is adhered to the angle mesh of the tapered screen with the No. 825 adhesive, and the other end is pressed with the lower part of the guiding screen to achieve the sealing purpose. The conical screen is supported on a rubber spring on the upper part of the four pillars of the lower body of the casing, and the electromagnetic vibrator 4 is bolted to the lower chassis of the conical sieve. Under the action of the electromagnetic vibrator, the conical screen vibrates in the vertical direction, so that the screen joint is not easily blocked, and the dewatering and deliming effects are improved. The guide screen is subjected to a large feed pressure, but the screen joint is not easily blocked. The guide screen consists of three interchangeable screen plates that are easily removed and interchanged after partial wear.
The solid-liquid mixture is fed into the nozzle of the swirling screen by a constant pressure tank or a pump, and then enters the guide screen in a tangential direction. Under the action of centrifugal force, friction and gravity, the feeding material becomes a spiral motion that spirals down along the screen wall. At the same time, the coarse material gradually approaches the screen to form the outer material layer, and the liquid stream containing the fine particles forms the inner layer. The inner layer and the outer layer respectively flow downward in a spiral manner. During the downward movement, because the coarse material of the outer layer moves at a slower speed, the liquid containing the fine particles in the inner layer moves faster, and the latter is staggered from the former and hits the sieve surface, and is sieved through the sieve. The lower product outlet is discharged, and the coarse material is discharged through the on-screen product outlet at the bottom of the conical sieve.
导向1600mm electromagnetic vibrating cyclone screen has a diameter of 1.7m, an area of ​​1.5m 2 , a cone screen diameter of 1.6m, an area of ​​2.5m 2 , a total screen area of ​​4m 2 , and a screen width of 0.75mm; The size (length × width × height) is 2738 mm × 2052 mm × 1675 mm, and the processing capacity for the slime slurry is 150 to 300 m 3 /h, and the total weight is 1544 kg. Its DZ300 electromagnetic vibrator has a power of 0.3 kW, a vibration frequency of 3,000 times per minute, and an amplitude of 1.5 mm.
The swirling screen has the advantages of simple structure, small power consumption, small equipment volume, light weight, large processing capacity per unit area, simple operation and reliable operation. The disadvantage is that the screen surface is not wear-resistant, and there are many factors affecting the feed pressure, the feed amount, the feed concentration, and the vibration mode. Further research is needed. In 1987, an electromagnetic vibrating cyclone sieve with a diameter of 2.4 m was identified, but none of them were mass-produced.
2. The swirling fine sieve swirling fine sieve was successfully developed by the North Mine Institute in the early 1980s, and its structure is shown in Figure 2. In fact, it is an organic combination of a hydrocyclone and a curved fine screen. It has some structural features of a hydrocyclone and a grading characteristic of a curved fine screen. Its working principle is also a combination of the two. Has a similar effect on two gradings.
The slurry is fed at a certain pressure (30---90 kPa) from the feed port in a tangential or approximate involute direction, and the suspended particles are subjected to tangential force, centrifugal force, axial force and the like. According to the working principle of the hydrocyclone, the slurry has two kinds of rotating flow, one is the top-down external swirling flow, and the other is the bottom-up internal swirling flow. According to the working principle of the curved sieve, when the slurry moves on the sieve surface, it will be “cut” by each vertical edge of the sieve, and the cut slurry becomes the sieve. When analyzing the motion of a particle in a slurry, it should be analyzed according to these two principles. Since the swirling fine sieve has the discharge of the undersize, the discharged undersize can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the one-zero zero enveloping surface between the inner and outer swirls.
Since the swirling fine sieve sifts out some fine-grained slurry in the external swirling flow, the fine-grain content in the grit is reduced; and by changing the position of the enveloping surface, the discharge amount of the under-slurry can be controlled, and the overflow product can be controlled It will also improve.
The advantage of the swirling fine sieve is that the equipment is small in size, large in processing capacity, flexible in configuration, and low in capital investment, and can be obtained by screening, screening and overflowing.
The Ф150 hydrocyclone was used in the re-grinding process of the Dongfeng fluorite ore concentrate in Zhejiang Province. The grading comparison test was carried out with the Ф150 hydrocyclone. The results showed that the content of -200 mesh in the cyclone fine sand was reduced by more than half. The grading efficiency and mass efficiency are increased by 5% and 10%, respectively, compared to the cyclone. Cyclone fine screen 1986 in Guizhou aluminum plant for classifying the sand-like aluminum hydroxide to be successful, its technical properties are shown in the table below.
figure 1   figure 2   table

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