Source of enterprise-specific funds

Source enterprise-specific funds are:
1. The retained portion of the enterprise's fixed assets depreciation fund is converted into renewed funds; the enterprise repairs the overhaul fund from the cost according to the original value of the fixed assets and the gross repair fund withdrawal rate; according to the total wages of the enterprise and the proportion prescribed by the state, Employee welfare fund drawn from cost.
2. According to the company's completion of the national plan indicators, according to the different proportions stipulated by the state, the enterprise funds extracted from the profits; according to the country's approved and prescribed retention ratio, the profits drawn from the profits realized by the enterprises are retained; The retention of profits from the three wastes and comprehensive utilization products, as well as the retention of foreign-invested processing profits.
3. National and local finances allocate various special funds allocated to enterprises through the competent departments, such as the allocation of potential renovation and renovation projects, the three technical expenses of science and technology, and the allocation of comprehensive utilization projects for the three wastes.
4. In accordance with state regulations, approved by the company's various production measures lent by banks to borrowers in the form of loans, technical measures such as small loans, special industrial production and export loans, short-term equipment loans, short-term foreign currency borrowings.

OEM Brass and Bronze Casting 

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Material: copper and brass 

Process: Clay sand casting, Coated sand casting, Resin sand casting, Lost foam casting

Certificate: ISO9001:2008

Machining: CNC machining, milling machine, drilling machine, numerical lathe, all types of lathe.

Surface finish : polishing, sand blasting, heat treatment, painting, powder coating, anodizing, electroplating, mirror polishing.

Service: OEM service available.

Product: all kinds of copper&brass casting (unit weight â‰¥0.1kg)

brass casting

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Bronze And Brass Casting

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