Inspection and adjustment of the discharge port of the jaw crusher

As the broken tooth plate continues to wear, the discharge port of the jaw crusher gradually increases, and the product size becomes coarse. In order to reasonably balance the load of each crusher and ensure the particle size requirements of the crushed product, it is necessary to periodically measure and adjust the discharge port of the crusher, and measure and adjust it 3 to 4 times per week depending on the specific conditions.

Check ball discharging opening common lead (column block) or soap bars assay. Lead weights soon cast balls or cylinders, when measured in order to facilitate holding, in the cast iron wire ball (column) engaging, in order to put into the crushing chamber with the hand and, on the ball to be movable jaws (column) after the nip It is pulled out from the crushing chamber, and the thickness of the squeeze is measured by a caliper, which is the width of the discharge port of the crusher. If the width of the measured discharge port does not match the width required by the process, it should be adjusted. It must be noted that when measuring the discharge port, it is carried out under an empty load.

The jaw crusher uses an adjustment device to adjust the size of the discharge port. There are two types of adjustment devices:

1. shimming     Place a set of gaskets of the same thickness between the rear wall of the frame and the wedge iron (shown below), and increase or decrease the thickness of the gasket layer to reduce or increase the discharge port to adjust the discharge port. the goal of. This method can be adjusted in multiple stages and is easy to operate, but it must be adjusted. Generally used for large and medium-sized jaw crushers, the simple swing jaw crusher uses this adjustment device.

2. Wedge iron adjustment     It is realized by a wedge-type adjustment mechanism (shown below). It is adjusted by means of two wedge irons placed between the elbow bracket of the rear bracket and the rear wall of the frame. When the nut is screwed and the rear wedge is raised along the rear wall of the frame by the screw, the front wedge iron is along The guide grooves parallel to the side walls of the frame move forward, thereby pushing the toggle plates and the moving jaws to move forward, thereby reducing the discharge opening. This method can achieve stepless adjustment. The adjustment is convenient and time-saving, and does not need to stop, but the disadvantage is that the size and weight of the machine are increased, and it is not easy to adjust the level, and the bracket and the connecting rod are twisted, so the adjusting device is only suitable for the small and medium-sized jaw crusher. This type of adjustment device is often used in complex oscillating crushers.

Universal Catalytic Converter

Universal Exhaust Catalytic Converter is installed in the automobile Exhaust System and is one of the most important gas purification device. It can turn the harmful car exhaust such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbon (HC) and  nitrogen oxides (NOx) by redox reaction into harmless carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and nitrogen (N2). Through this way, the car exhaust become harmless to people and environment.

We produce high quality of Universal High Performance Auto Engine Exhaust Catalytic Converter With competitive prices. We maintain a well-organized and effective assembly line, starting from the cordierite ceramic honeycomb-like substrate, applying wash-coat with precious-metal (Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium) catalyst onto the surface area inside the honeycomb substrate, and protect the finished product in metal shells.


l  Ceramic substrate 400 CPSI

l  Metallic substrate 100 and 200 CPSI

l  Euro Emission Standards

l  According to customers` ratios

l  Stainless Steel 304 or 409 outshells

Universal Catalytic Converter

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