Demand analysis of grain dryer market in China

Driven by the national food security strategy and agricultural subsidy policy, the grain dryer market in our country has gradually warmed up. The drying machine companies have mushroomed all over the place and the products and brands are under the sand. The market competition is becoming increasingly intense.

The annual grain output of China is about 500 million tons, and the loss in the processes of threshing, drying, storage, transportation, processing, and consumption after harvest is as high as 18%, which is a big gap with the world's annual mildew loss of 3%. Among these losses, because of climatic reasons, the grain that couldn't reach the time limit of grain drying or failing to reach the safe moisture causing moldy, germinate and other losses was as high as 21 million tons, accounting for 4.2% of the country's total grain output, and a direct loss of 18 to 24 billion RMB. yuan.

The mechanization of grain drying is an important guarantee for the high yield and harvest of grain compared with the mechanization of field operations. The first is to improve the quality of food. The traditional method of drying grain is to dry the road and the ground, increasing grain impurities, reducing food quality, causing hidden traffic hazards, and limited processing capacity.

Secondly, along with the pace of rural reforms, the rural production organization model is undergoing profound changes. This is particularly manifested in the rapid rise of large-scale farms, family farms, agricultural cooperatives, large farm machinery, and large-scale agricultural planters (professional households), which has changed agricultural cultivation. With the business model, food will be diverted from individual farmers in the past and concentrated in the hands of a handful of rural organizations. Concentrated grain storage will face the first problem, that is, the drying problem, which will drive the rapid expansion of the drying equipment market.

In recent years, extreme weather in China has been frequent and natural disasters are frequent. The number of grain mildews caused by farmers due to weather has been increasing. Grain drying has become an important demand for farmers, providing an opportunity for the development of the drying equipment market.

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