· The west is becoming a new growth pole for the development of the domestic automotive aftermarket

Compared with many exhibitions where tickets are still not deserted, the ticket for the "2014 China Auto Accessories and Refit Motors Exhibition" held in Beijing will not stop the audience, 30,000 square meters, 1100 standard booths. With 850 exhibitors and more than 20,000 automotive products, the western region is becoming a new growth pole in the domestic automotive aftermarket.
According to incomplete statistics, 80% of domestic auto supply companies achieved sales growth in the southwest region last year. The sales growth rate of most enterprises in the western region exceeded the national average. The western auto market is growing into a new development in the domestic auto market. Growth pole. The strong industrial advantages, huge market potential and high-speed regional market in the western region make the China Auto Accessories and Modified Automobile Exhibition held in Chongqing every year a must for auto supplies companies. Domestic major brands and key enterprises have launched their main products and latest products at the exhibition. Companies that purchase on-site include not only Changan Suzuki, Changan Ford, Lifan, Jianghuai and other vehicle companies, but also more than 200 4S stores and nearly 1,000 auto beauty shops in Chengdu, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei, Guangxi and more than 3,000 Home industry distributors.
This exhibition shows that consumers are more concerned with the service experience and personalized needs of the car service, and the service in the aspects of car maintenance, car decoration, car audio, car safety, car electronics, car modification, car rescue, etc. The direction of globalization, branding and internationalization. The pneumatic micro-water high-pressure cleaning gun, glass shield, giant bright magic crystal, automobile liquid insulation film, 3D stereo cushion, automobile service chain intelligent system and other new products exhibited at the exhibition are favored by many viewers, with high technology and health. Environmentally-friendly automotive products have become the "new darling" of the automotive aftermarket.
The exhibition also reflects the new service methods in the domestic automotive aftermarket. For example, the vehicle remote service is based on mobile communication and the Internet, and integrates the post-market resources of the car. The service covers car safety, car maintenance and repair, and car rescue. Road weather, satellite navigation, multimedia entertainment, car phone, mobile TV, vehicle insurance, etc. Diversified service models have become the development direction of the domestic automotive aftermarket.
The automotive aftermarket is called the automotive industry's gold industry. It refers to the various services that are generated around the use of automobiles after the sale of automobiles, including the various services that consumers need after buying a car, covering the entire sale of cars from scrap to scrap. The process, the needs, services and trading activities generated around the various aspects of the car after-sales use belong to the automotive aftermarket.