Fiberglass cable threading features

Fiberglass cable threading pipe high strength, widely used in electric power and other fields. Most landfill directly under the driveway, do not have to add concrete protection, can make the construction speed up. Fiberglass cable threading flexibility is also very good, can be a good resistance to external pressure. Fiberglass cable threading pipe heat resistance and electrical insulation properties are very good, 130 ° high temperature will not be deformed. Its long service life, even by corrosive substances erosion, the use of life expectancy can reach 50 years. Fiberglass cable threading tube is very light, two people can be installed, convenient lightweight, less construction time, installation costs are greatly reduced.

Fiberglass cable trunking also has the characteristics of light weight, so when used, you do not need to spend too much manpower, you can move the product, and it is very convenient to carry, can save a lot of time for people. Fiberglass cable trunking, if used for laying, saves time for laying compared to steel, and allows people to lay the product for a short period of time. The application of fiberglass cable threading pipe is extremely extensive. After it is constructed, people do not need to maintain it, which further saves the staff a lot of thought.