·2021 global car production may exceed 100 million

According to European media inautonews recently reported, France's IHS Automotive recently predicted that the global annual production of automobiles in 2014 will exceed 85 million, and by 2021 will exceed 100 million. The forecast points out that as the world's largest single-car market, China will be the dominant factor in production growth, and more mature markets such as North America and Europe will also be key factors.
In 2009, the financial crisis swept the world. The annual global automobile production was 61.8 million units, down 12.4% from 2008. Since then, the automobile industry has gradually adjusted. In 2013, the annual global automobile production reached 82.8 million, an increase of 21 million units compared with 2009. .
IHS recently predicted that the annual global automobile production in 2021 will increase by 25 million units in 2013. In 2018, the sales volume will reach 100 million for the first time and will reach 104 million in 2021.
Mark Fulthorpe, head of global automotive production at IHS Automotive Industry Information, said, “As emerging markets shift to market balances, mature markets are under pressure to scale down and the automotive industry is undergoing global changes.”
Denis Schemoul, the European manager of Simai Automotive, added, “European automakers will face different demand environments, depending on their segment in Europe.”
IHS also predicts that the European market will rebound during 2015-2017 and further increase, and emerging markets will further expand.