·Chongqing "five measures" to increase the total emission of motor vehicle pollutants

In recent years, with the rapid growth of vehicle ownership, motor vehicle exhaust pollution has become increasingly serious. In order to effectively alleviate environmental pressures, Chongqing Municipality has intensified efforts to carry out prevention and control of motor vehicle exhaust pollution, and five measures have strengthened the control of total pollutant discharge.
First, strengthen the registration management of new vehicles and control pollutant emissions from the source. Newly purchased vehicles and vehicles transferred to other places will not be registered if they fail to meet national emission standards and local regulations.
The second is to strengthen the regular inspection of vehicles in use to promote the discharge of vehicles. If the pollutant discharge is unqualified on a regular basis, the environmental inspection conformity mark and the safety technical inspection conformity mark shall not be issued, and shall not pass the annual review.
The third is to fully issue environmental protection signs and classify and manage motor vehicles. The new car is issued with an environmental protection mark by the vehicle management office. The environmental protection mark is issued by the regular inspection agency in the vehicle, and the environmental protection mark management is implemented for the motor vehicles in the city.
The fourth is to implement the yellow label vehicle limit and accelerate the elimination of high-emission vehicles. The main urban area implements the yellow-standard car to limit the driving time, accelerate the elimination of the yellow-label car, and reduce pollutant discharge.
The fifth is to strengthen road sampling, improve vehicle owners' maintenance awareness, and improve vehicle emissions. For the over-standard vehicles, the driving license will be deducted, and a notice of limited time management will be issued, requiring immediate rectification, and the re-examination will be returned to the driving license.