Strengthen road transport safety management

Strengthen road transport safety management

This year, the Ministry of Transport issued a notice requesting transportation authorities at all levels, road transportation management agencies, and road transporters of dangerous goods to conscientiously implement the “Notice on Strengthening the Road Transportation of Dangerous Chemicals and the Safety of Highway Tunnels” by the Office of the Safety Committee of the State Council. Spiritually, we firmly adhere to the “red line” that “development must not be at the expense of human lives” and firmly guard against road safety production accidents involving dangerous goods.

Supervise enterprises to implement their main responsibilities

The notification requires that transportation authorities at all levels must supervise enterprises to fully implement the main responsibility for safe production in accordance with regulations, strengthen the job responsibilities of managers, corporate safety production management positions and their personnel, and increase the investment and hidden trouble investigation and remediation of production safety funds. Strengthen, improve and strictly implement various safety production management systems, strive to improve the organization level of transportation production, and strictly prohibit the "pass-and-fore-pass" and "bag-and-host" management of road dangerous goods transport vehicles and employees.

Enterprises should be equipped with full-time safety management personnel. Full-time safety management personnel should be familiar with the relevant professional knowledge of road transport of dangerous goods, organize the preparation of enterprise safety production rules and regulations, practitioner operating procedures, accident emergency plans, supervise the deployment and use of transport vehicles and equipment, and organize the participation of employees in recruitment and training. And evaluation, regular assessment of the company's transport safety management.

Enterprises carrying explosives, flammable and explosive chemicals, and dangerous goods such as toxic and radioactive materials shall apply to the public security authority for permission to pass the traffic, and formulate transportation plans and security operation guarantees in a targeted manner. If necessary, the route should be surveyed.

Strengthen the management of employees

The circular emphasized that all levels of transportation authorities must strictly enforce the management system for examination and document issuance of road transport of dangerous goods, and speed up the establishment of the qualification system for the management of road dangerous goods transport managers. It is necessary to strengthen information sharing with the public security traffic control department, establish a blacklist system, and urge enterprises to eliminate employees with high frequency of violations and violations of laws and weak security awareness, and in particular, drivers who have been detained with 12 points by the public security traffic control department within one scoring cycle. To revoke their professional qualification certificates, they will not be re-issued within three years.

The notice made it clear that enterprises must strictly employ and manage the employees, conduct pre-job training according to the characteristics of the dangerous goods they transported, and pass the assessment before they can take up posts. It is necessary to strengthen the training and education of employees and regularly carry out safety education and training and emergency drills. It is necessary to strengthen the dynamic management of employees, understand the physical condition of drivers before transport operations, inspect safety protection measures and fire-fighting equipment, and supervise employees to carry the “Road Transport Dangerous Goods Safety Card” with the vehicle. It is necessary to strictly enforce the system of rewards and penalties for employees, and to make safe production and violations of laws and regulations an important basis for income distribution.

Strengthen the supervision of transport equipment

The notice requires that companies should regularly detect, maintain and maintain vehicle equipment and must not modify the vehicle without authorization. The can body of the tank vehicle must hold the factory inspection certificate issued by the inspection agency recognized by the quality inspection department, and the pressure container should also be checked regularly. It is not allowed to change the filling medium of the tank vehicle product announcement without authorization, and it shall be ensured that the ball valve at the root of the atmospheric tank tank discharge pipe is closed during transportation.

The competent transport authorities at all levels must urge enterprises to build dynamic monitoring platforms for road vehicles, or use a social satellite positioning system monitoring platform that meets the requirements, strengthen maintenance, and assign personnel to be on duty to promptly detect, alert, and correct driver speeding, fatigue driving, and failure to press. Rules and regulations such as line driving violations. Limit bad weather such as rain, snow and fog, and vehicle speed and continuous driving time at night.

Strengthen safety production supervision and inspection

The notification is clear that the competent transport authorities at all levels should effectively strengthen the supervision and inspection of the company's production safety, and supervise the implementation of relevant national standards and industry standards. Those enterprises that have poor safety production conditions, fail to implement the responsibility of the main body of safe production, have more illegal drivers, and have a large potential safety risk should increase their efforts and focus on supervision. If problems are found, they must be promptly urged to rectify the company within a time limit. If the rectification fails, the original permitting authority must cancel the "Road Transport Permit" or revoke the "Road Transport Permit" of the relevant vehicle.