Smartphone gyroscope helps hackers spy on private conversations

Your smartphone can be used to listen to private conversations using the gyroscope inside the device, scientists warned. Hackers may not need to enter the phone's microphone and camera, use a smartphone's built-in gyroscope, and decipher the sound wave hitting device, according to a study by Stanford University and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, including gyroscopes for games and other applications. The gyroscope can also automatically activate these devices, rotating the screen from portrait to landscape view.
Scientists have discovered that the smartphone's gyroscope can measure nearby phone signals. The information from the gyroscope is "low frequency", but after it is processed by the computer, it can be used to identify the identity of the session's components and speakers. "Measured by gyroscopes can reveal private information about the environment of the cell phone, such as who is talking in the room, to some extent the sound signal, what are you talking about," the researchers said.