Shaanxi Fast took the lead in China's industrial sector

"2014 China's industry leader in the list of industry companies" has been announced, Shaanxi Fast Company once again "auto parts and accessories manufacturing" leading enterprises in the industry won the "China's industrial sector leader list."

In 2014, in the face of new opportunities and new challenges brought about by the new normal economy, Fast has taken the end of the “Year of Product Quality” as the starting point, scientifically adjusted its product mix, and continuously accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading, focusing on quality. Upgrades, market developments, new product development, and after-sales services, etc., for the upgrade of commercial vehicles, a series of self-developed S super transmissions , AT, AMT automatic transmissions, DS series passenger car transmissions, hydraulic retarders, speed reducers, etc. The new products of the automotive powertrain are rapidly gaining market commanding heights with a good reputation and leading edge in technology, and have won wide acclaim from the OEMs and users. The company's development momentum is better than the overall level of the heavy-duty truck industry. Its production and business operations have risen against the trend. Production and sales have exceeded 10 billion yuan again. Various business indicators have continued to lead the industry and made new contributions to the development of the national automobile industry.

The “China's industry leader in the industry” campaign was sponsored by China Industry News. Since 2005, every year, it has become an influential brand activity in the Chinese industry.