Municipal Agricultural Machinery Promotion Station Holds Training Course on Grain Drying Mechanization Technology

Recently, the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Promotion Center held a training class for grain drying mechanization technology in Qilihai Township, Ninghe County, and agricultural machinery extension station owners and key technicians from Wuqing District, Jinghai County, Ninghe County, and Dagang District of Binhai New Area. More than 40 people, including representatives of agricultural machinery cooperatives and large agricultural machinery representatives, attended the training class. Hu Wei, deputy director of the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Office, Xie Min, chief of the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Promotion Center, and Wang Chungui, secretary of the Ninghe County Agricultural Machinery Development Service Center participated in the opening ceremony.

The training course adopted a combination of theoretical teaching and on-site teaching. During the training, the technical personnel of the dryer company explained the working principle, performance characteristics, and operation and application of the food dryer, and pointed out some common problems and maintenance methods in the use process; the technical staff of the city's agricultural extension terminal station in recent years, Tianjin City The development of grain drying mechanization technology and the related experimental work carried out were introduced in detail, and provided some practical suggestions for representatives of agricultural machinery cooperatives participating in the training and large agricultural machinery cooperatives. In the on-site teaching session, technicians demonstrated the operation flow of the dryer and provided corresponding solutions to the emergency failures. The trainees expressed great benefits.

This training enabled the participants to master the core content of grain drying mechanization technology, technical equipment operation essentials and safety knowledge, and the training activities performed well. Deputy director Hu Wei pointed out that the current grain drying in our city is mainly based on natural drying. There are problems such as long drying time, uneven drying, high impurity rate, and pollution and hidden traffic problems caused by large areas of road drying grain. The grain drying mechanization technology It is of great significance to promote the increase of grain production in our city. The agricultural extension departments of all districts and counties are required to increase their propaganda, training and demonstration efforts to provide new ways and channels for agricultural efficiency improvement and farmers' income increase.