China's auto parts industry is facing important strategic opportunities for development

According to the national goal of building a well-to-do society in 2020 and initially establishing a national industrialization goal, China's auto industry has a bright future and is an important strategic opportunity for the development of the industry. Wang Ruixiang, president of China Federation of Machinery Industry, said this morning.

Wang Ruixiang made the above statement at this morning's 2014 China Auto Parts Industry Finance Collaborative Innovation and Development Forum.

Wang Ruixiang stated that after the international financial crisis, the world automobile industry was generally sluggish, and under the adjustment of China's national policies, the automobile industry developed rapidly. In 2009, the sales of automobiles exceeded 10 million to 13 million; in 2013 it exceeded 20 million, reaching 22 million, and has ranked first in the world for five consecutive years in the production and sales of automobiles, changing the pattern of the world's auto industry.

China's automobile industry has become an important part of the world's industry. Its contribution to the world has made a significant contribution to China's economy. At the same time, it is also an important strategic and pillar industry in the national economy. Automobile consumption accounts for 11% of total social retail sales, and corporate industries account for 5.3% of national GDP.

Wang Ruixiang said that the progress of China’s auto industry can not be separated from the vast number of auto parts manufacturers. At present, China has 200,000 parts and components manufacturers, about 10,000 above the scale, and last year, the total output value of auto parts production enterprises reached 27,000. Billion, accounting for 40% of the entire automotive industry, may exceed 60% this year. At present, there are more than 1,000 auto parts industrial parks in the country, forming six major component centers and a relatively complete industrial chain.

Auto companies now have to pay more attention to the rise of overall capabilities. Through technological innovation, they must build an advantaged industrial chain and jointly develop with the vehicle manufacturers to improve their supporting capabilities. China is in the transition period of comprehensively deepening reforms, further release of the reform dividend, and the huge international market and domestic product upgrade requirements will become the driving force for product optimization for auto parts companies.

Wang Ruixiang also admits that at present, China's auto parts production companies still have insufficient innovation, arduous energy-saving and emission-reducing pressures, huge pressure on the development of their own brands, low level of internationalization, etc.; the automotive service industry is not perfect enough to meet the objective development requirements, etc. problem.

Therefore, Wang Ruixiang suggested that during the development of auto parts enterprises, the ideological concepts of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and financial institutions should form new understandings and profoundly understand the status and role of the auto parts industry in the world chain. You have me, I have you, take the initiative to increase the overall awareness and industry awareness.

Second, in actual actions, all enterprises and service providers must strengthen coordination and unity, and accelerate the cultivation of China's own brands.

In addition, we must form a mechanism and play a decisive role in the allocation of resources according to the market. China’s auto parts enterprises must have strategies and paths for development, strive to build a science and technology financial system for new energy vehicles and smart cars, and help entrepreneurs to innovate in financing systems. Achieve multi-win-win situation.

Finally, “to mobilize and exert the power of the society, we must pay attention to the advantages of the government departments with abundant resources and strong radiation, and strive to create a good market environment. The development of our auto and parts companies depends solely on one company to promote far-reaching Not enough, we should mobilize all aspects of society and take various measures to promote the development of the industry." Wang Ruixiang said.