·In 2015, imported car sales will increase by 10%

Recently, at the 11th China High-end Forum on Imported Automobiles, SINOMACH and Zhongjin Auto Trade released the “2014 China Imported Automobile Market Annual Report” and “2015 China Imported Auto Market Operation Strategy Report”. The report believes that China's imported auto market has been issuing market risk warnings since 2012. The oversupply of imported autos has become the new normal. The status of multinational auto companies leading the imported auto market is further strengthened. The high inventory of the industry and the dealers choose to exchange prices. The preferential price of imported cars remained at a high level.
In 2015, the growth rate of the imported auto market will continue to fall, and the total demand for the whole year is expected to increase by about 10%. If the domestically produced models in the imported car market are released earlier than expected, the first single digit growth in the past five years may occur.