Furuiite plans to invest 242 million to build LNG application equipment four projects

On December 8, 2014, Furrut installed an announcement that the company plans to use its own funds to invest 224 million yuan to build a fourth-phase project of clean energy (LNG) application equipment , all of which will use self-raised funds for construction, of which 14.52 billion will be Bank loan settlement, project construction period is 24 months.

According to the announcement, the above project will acquire 48 acres of new land, and the total construction area of ​​newly-built factory buildings, office buildings, and ancillary auxiliary buildings will be 21,500 m2, and the major production, testing, and testing equipment will be purchased for 68.85 million yuan, and the annual production capacity will reach the speed limit. "Products 1000 sets, LNG marine air supply system 1000 sets of production lines. It is estimated that after the project reaches its production capacity, it is expected to realize an annual sales income of RMB 408 million and a net profit of RMB 36.72 million.