Precautions when using a torque wrench

Everyone is familiar with torque wrenches . Its main function is to tighten the bolts. Our torque wrenches are divided into torque wrenches, dial-type torque wrenches, preset torque wrenches, electric torque wrenches, constant torque electric wrenches, and torque wrenches. Wide, when tightening the torque, it is only relatively simple to set the required value to operate it. Then everyone knows what problems should be paid attention to when using a torque wrench to reduce errors? Do not understand the user quickly come and see it.
The use of torque wrenches are as follows:
1. When using a torque wrench, load it slowly and slowly. Do not yank or press it to avoid overload, resulting in inaccurate output torque. After reaching the preset torque, stop loading.
2. Do not use torque wrenches to remove bolts or nuts.
3. It is forbidden to add a sleeve to extend the arm at the end of the torque wrench to prevent damage to the torque wrench.
4. Adjust the required torque as needed, and confirm that the adjustment mechanism is in locked state before use.
5. After the torque wrench is used, it should be adjusted to a small torque to fully relax the force measuring spring to prolong its life.
6, should avoid moisture intrusion torque wrench to prevent parts corrosion.
7. The size of the opening of the torque wrench must be consistent with the size of the bolt or nut. The wrench opening is too large to slip off and damage the hexagon of the screw. In the maintenance of imported vehicles, attention should be paid to the selection of the metric wrench.
8. Selection principles for various types of wrenches. Generally, socket wrenches are preferred. Followed by plum wrenches, open-end wrenches are again used, and movable wrenches are selected afterwards.
9. In order to prevent the wrench from being damaged and slipping off, the pulling force should be applied to the thick side of the opening. This should be paid attention to in particular for the larger movable wrenches, so as to prevent the opening from appearing “eight” shape and damaging the nuts and wrenches.
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