Linggong small digging: good quality is hard truth and less investment is real benefit

Benefiting from the improvement of international and domestic economic conditions, the excavator industry will achieve more than expected growth. In the future, with the deepening of new rural construction and the continuous increase in domestic labor costs, the domestic market for digging is worth watching.

Good quality is the hard truth

Lingong digging 4 years / 8000 hours half price repurchase

In order to seize the opportunity, the competition of various brands at home and abroad has been constantly upgraded, and the promotion methods have been diversified. Many customers have no choice in the selection of product brands. In general, the purpose of customers' purchase of products is to obtain the maximum return with the minimum investment. Therefore, “economy” is an important indicator to evaluate whether a product has a competitive advantage. It simply includes purchase cost (price), use cost (fuel consumption), maintenance cost (quality, service, maintenance cycle), and two aspects such as mobile phone residual value.

"Value for money" is the most accurate evaluation of Shandong Lingong's digging. Shandong Lingong's excavators are integrated into the technology of the world's top construction equipment giants. Global parts procurement of core components ensures reliable quality. The appearance of exquisite workmanship is delicate and exquisite, and it is aesthetically pleasing. The product prices are more advantageous and worthy of trust and trust.

Lingong digging

Lingong digging

“The most use of oil” is the high voice of numerous customers who have used temporary workers to dig customers. Shandong Lingong's proprietary power matching core technology and proprietary product energy-saving technologies in the industry and the industry's popular flow-on-demand distribution control technology have created the E660F, E665F, E680F, and E690F, which have the lowest fuel consumption, highest efficiency, and control The best small dig boutique.

Taking the Linong E660F as an example, the fuel consumption is only about 3L/hour under the conditions of the commonly used rotation speed (1700 rpm). Compared with benchmarking opponents, each shift (8 hours) saves 6 L of fuel and is extremely competitive. Working 8 hours a day, 280 days a year, fuel 6 yuan / L, one year down can save about 10,000 yuan.

Taking the Linong E680F as an example, under the condition of operating speed (1600 rpm), the operating efficiency of competitive speed (1800 rpm) can be achieved, and at the same speed, the fuel consumption is lower by more than 10% compared with the competitive model, and it is more pressing than the benchmarking opponent. Taiwan class (8 hours) calculation, one year can easily save customers nearly 10,000 yuan oil money.

"Ultra-low maintenance costs" is the most accurate interpretation of Shandong Lingong's digging. Mainly reflects the following two aspects:

The first is good product quality. Shandong Lingong quality assurance, hedge sales. With the “lean production, zero defect delivery” and near-demanding production modes, together with the imported Yanmar engine, Shantui four-wheel-drive area and super-strong structural parts, the key components have been free from failure for more than 7,000 hours, greatly reducing Downtime reduces customer maintenance costs.

From 2015 to 2017, from the Governor's Quality Award, the National Machinery Industry Quality Award to the 16th National Quality Award, the Asian Quality Excellence Award, Shandong Lingong takes a step by step footprint and one step a year, striding forward into the international “quality era”. .

Shandong Lingong strides forward into the international "quality era"

The second is the high residual value of the second mobile phone. The technology of the world's top construction equipment brands, industry-leading product quality, and achievement of temporary low excavation depreciation, such as temporary workers E660F, for example, after four years the residual value of the equipment can still reach about 50% of new cars, much higher than similar opponent.

Reliable quality, so super confidence, you read it! Lingong digging 4 years / 8000 hours repurchase, challenge the industry quality standards, allowing you to easily buy temporary workers to make a small profit!

"Whole-hearted" service brand

Originating from the consistent heritage of "reliable bearing", we have created a "full-heart-to-heart" service brand with a professional service team and superb service skills to provide customers with high-standard services and comprehensive solutions anytime, anywhere. (This article comes from Shandong Lingong)

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