2018 The 6th Shanghai International Biological Fermentation Exhibition - Wang Cheng sent an invitation to all!

The 6th Shanghai International Exhibition on Bio-fermentation Products and Technology Equipment (abbreviation: BIO CHINA Shanghai Bio-Fermentation Exhibition) will be held on September 4-6, 2018 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition will be held by the Chinese bio-fermentation industry. Sponsored by the association and organized by Shanghai Xinshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., an invitation is now issued to all owners.

BIO CHINA Shanghai Fermentation Exhibition has been successfully held for five times since 2013. It has now become the most professional, largest and most representative international event in the Asian fermentation industry. It has grown from its original display platform to today's The business platform integrating display, communication, trade, and procurement is the “benchmark” of the development process of the Chinese fermentation industry.

Last year, the three-day exhibition set a historic record. It attracted nearly 400 Chinese and foreign exhibitors from 42 countries and regions. The exhibition area reached 30,000 square meters and received a total of 32,000 visitors from 48 countries and regions around the world. Among them, there are 8,600 foreign professional visitors and the total number of visitors to the event reached 48,000.

Attentive and thoughtful service won the praise of exhibitors and exhibitors. 95% of the exhibitors expressed great satisfaction with the overall exhibition results. 83.4% of exhibitors expressed their willingness to continue participating in the exhibition; 90% of the invited buyers were reached on site. Purchasing intentions, 95% of the invited buyers expressed their willingness to continue exhibiting.

BIO CHINA Shanghai Biological Fermentation Exhibition brought together the world's leading bio-fermentation technology, attracted the collective appearance of mainstream industry enterprises at home and abroad, and also convened high-level forums to convince industry experts to speak freely. It has created a splendid brand in five years and witnessed the development and growth of China's bio-fermentation industry. Today, it has become the annual event of the global fermentation industry.

On September 4-6, 2018, the 6th Shanghai Biofermentation Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is estimated that more than 40,000 professionals from domestic and overseas biofermentation fields will come to visit. Among them, more than 60% are decision makers. And department managers. The exhibition site will focus on current hot topics of industry development. Various forums and seminars will be held during the same period. High-quality, authoritative and professional activities will enable companies to quickly understand the development trends and trends of the industry. They can also communicate with government officials, experts and scholars, etc. Close contact.

The 6th Shanghai Bioferment Exhibition will focus on bio-fermentation laboratory equipment, raw materials for fermentation industry and its upstream and downstream products, amino acid and organic acid products, starch and starch sugar products, enzyme preparation products, yeast and derivatives thereof. , Functional fermentation products, other fermentation products, fermentation equipment and automation control systems, environmental protection equipment and technology, new fermentation products and new technologies, etc., to set up exhibition areas, including food, beverages, medicine, feed, biological fermentation, candy, winemaking The full range of exhibits covering dairy products, dairy products, cakes, health products, functional foods, food additives, food ingredients, convenience foods and semi-finished products, dairy foods, snack foods, canned foods, hams and sausages, vinegar, and grain and oil processing.

At the same time, more than 20 industry forums will be held in the same period, inviting more than 120 scientific research institutions and industry leaders to gather here to bring the latest industry information and to interpret the latest industry policies.

2018 Food Nutrition and Health Forum

2018 Food and Drink Intelligent Manufacturing and Innovation Forum

2018 Fourth International Fermentation Media Application and Development Forum

2018 The 3rd Feed Fermentation Technology and Product Innovation Forum

2018 International Biopharmaceutical Summit

2018 China Biofermentation Industry Development Conference and Green Manufacturer Summit Forum

2018 3rd Enzyme Industry Development Summit Forum

2018 Bio-fermentation Industry Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Forum

2018 Starch Sugar Industry Technology and Application Development Forum

2018 Second Seminar on Research and Application of Biobased Materials and Development Trends 2018 Promotion of Key Projects in Biofermentation Industry

2018 Shanghai Biofermentation Exhibition will inherit the professional spirit of all previous exhibitions, uphold the all-round industrial chain model, strengthen the communication and cooperation among various industry associations, foreign chambers of commerce and the media, invite many well-known industry brands to debut, display the whole industry chain of biological fermentation , To make greater contribution to the development of China's biopharmaceutical industry.

Whether you are looking for raw materials, equipment, sales channels, promotional channels or seeking technology, the 6th Shanghai Bioferment Exhibition will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on September 4-6, 2018.

Exhibitors, participants and visitors:

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