The use of smart power to popularize music birds

In recent years, due to the constant use of the electric power industry, frequent electrical fires have occurred in our country. Casualties and major property losses caused by the fire are shocking. Electrical and flame-related casualty losses account for more than 30% of the total fire in the country. The fire accounts for 70% of the total number. This alarming data has attracted attention. The safety committee initiated the comprehensive management of electrical fires. Requires the full implementation of smart firefighting for a period of three years. Then our country is also selecting outstanding R&D teams in the country, the high-quality manufacturer Beijing Lebird Technology Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Lebird Electric Technology Co., Ltd.), the smart electricity safety management cloud platform, and the combination of software and hardware to realize the realization of the electrical circuit. Networked big data analysis to more accurately monitor electrical safety.
In 2016, the State Fire Bureau clearly requires municipalities, provincial capitals, and qualified cities to speed up the promotion and application of these scientific research achievements in smart electrical fire monitoring systems . At the end of 2018, cities above the prefecture-level cities must establish a fire-fighting network monitoring system. At the end of 2017, more than 70% of high-risk units recorded the system.
Popular wisdom electricity is works good thing, music intelligence platform 119 birds clouds electricity it is valid sophisticated power system, factors causing a fire can be monitored at any time. Real-time detection of various types of security risks, and accurately determine the cause of the failure. Effectively prevent the occurrence of fire incidents. The smart electricity safety management system can realize real-time monitoring of monitoring status and centralized monitoring for those places where monitoring sites are scattered and people are densely consuming. Real-time online monitoring of residual current, current, cable temperature, voltage, power and other dynamics, and the formation of data tables, to achieve hierarchical management, to avoid personal accidents caused by safety incidents, to achieve a multi-channel supervision line. A regular maintenance reminder was implemented to ensure that after the system was delivered, the maintenance records could be counted and run normally.
The intelligent power alarm push function can push the dynamics to the app in real time. Really achieved preventive measures and eliminated potential safety hazards. The smart electricity technology has obvious advantages and is a new mode of operation and maintenance. It integrates a variety of high-end technologies, such as big data analysis, cloud computing, the Internet of things, and the Internet, and transmits electrical safety data through the Internet of Things sensor terminals to The cloud platform reduces maintenance costs, improves the efficiency of all parties, and provides basic data for smart security.
A large amount of factual data storage can obtain first-hand data at any time, data extraction, analysis, mining, and summarization, and can form a data center, providing a basis for important decisions. Get rid of the inefficiencies and limitations of human work, 24-hours-a-day monitoring, and monitor the status of equipment operations at any time


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