Industrial PON2.0 builds Industry 4.0 neural network

It is reported that in November last year, the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening Internet + Advanced Manufacturing Industry to Develop Industrial Internet," which is to implement "accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industries and promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and the real economy." "The major measures required. The guideline clearly puts forward the idea of ​​adopting industrial passive optical network (PON) advanced technology to implement the transformation of industrial enterprises' internal networks, and proposes to initially build an industrial Internet network infrastructure with low latency, high reliability, and wide coverage before 2020, and at the same time It is required to strengthen the equipment networking and data collection capabilities in complex production processes, and to achieve the end-to-end integration of all levels of data resources at the enterprise.

ZTE Corporation, as the world's leading communication manufacturer, actively participates in the “Made in China 2025” national strategy and cooperates with operators to expand the industrial networking market. In 2016, ZTE's industry-leading passive optical network (PON) 1.0 solution has become the new choice for domestic industrial enterprise factory network transformation. Currently, it has reached the scale of machinery, foundry, metallurgy, non-ferrous metal, and engine industries. application. In response to the problem that the end-to-end integration of data resources cannot be achieved due to a wide variety of industrial field devices and inconsistent interfaces and bus protocols, ZTE Corporation and its partners have jointly launched the Industrial Passive Optical Network (PON) 2.0 solution to realize the IT network. With the OT network, the factory's internal network is more flat, and the intelligent implementation of production is more straightforward. The industrial 4.0 production intelligent neural network is more reasonable.

I. Industry 4.0 neural network is the goal of network construction in factories

As we all know, artificial neural network is a nonlinear, adaptive information processing system composed of a large number of processing units interconnected, including the input layer, hidden layer and output layer. Similar to the artificial neural network, the Industry 4.0 neural network realizes the seamless integration of industrial data through the industrial system-wide interconnection and the formation of an industrial intelligent “nerve system”; the industrial Internet platform provides data aggregation, modeling analysis, and application development. , resource scheduling, monitoring and management provide support for the formation of an industrial intelligent “neurocentric system”. The physical sensing layer, access layer, and application layer form a neural network within the factory, thereby developing smart manufacturing, network collaboration, and personalization. Wait for the new model.

The construction of Industry 4.0 neural network faces many challenges: First, the network IT network, field-level OT network, and factory-level OT network in the factory are not interconnected. The industrial OT network of the traditional OT network is closed and the protocol standards are numerous. OT network Complete isolation from IT networks and difficulties in data collection. Second, existing industrial networks have many disadvantages such as low bandwidth, complex architecture, and high costs. In addition, most industrial manufacturing companies are relatively weak in IT capabilities, lack of network management capabilities, and frequent security problems. . Therefore, there is an urgent need for new technologies to transform the network within the factory and quickly and efficiently realize intelligent production.

Second, industrial PON 2.0 solution

Recently, ZTE Corporation, together with partners such as China Telecom and Mingchuang Intelligent, have jointly launched industrial PON2.0 solutions and upgraded their technology based on mature industrial PON1.0 solutions, achieving standard industrial protocol compatibility, protocol containers, and multiple Protocol conversion, data collection, remote data access, security access, and other functions, IT, CT, OT three-network interconnection to form an inter-network, to help manufacturers quickly build industrial 4.0 intra-firm neural network.

Industrial PON2.0 builds Industry 4.0 neural network

Figure 1 Industrial PON 2.0 Architecture

The industrial PON 2.0 solution implements the protocol compatibility function and data acquisition function on the open platform architecture of industrial PON. As shown in Figure 2, protocol-compatible technology converts heterogeneous communication protocols into unified protocols through protocol conversion, data conversion, address space remapping, and other technical means, including Profinet, Profibus, CClink, EthernetIP, Modbus, FOCAS, and other industrial protocols. Protocols such as the OPC-UA protocol and the FDT protocol are connected northwards to the MES system. The protocol compatible technology is in the position of industrial data collection and exchange in the industrial Internet architecture. It collects equipment data, production information, and environmental data through the bus protocol, and then provides an interface for data integration processing through a unified protocol.

Industrial PON2.0 builds Industry 4.0 neural network

Figure 2 Industrial PON 2.0 protocol compatibility diagram

Data collection is the basis of intelligent production, and is also a prerequisite for the integration of “informatization and industrialization.” Ubiquitous sensing technology is used to collect real-time information and information in real-time, such as multi-source devices, heterogeneous systems, operating environments, and people. .

Industrial PON2.0 builds Industry 4.0 neural network

Figure 3 Schematic diagram of the industrial PON 2.0 gateway

The industrial PON2.0 gateway provides abundant interface resources such as Ethernet, RS232, RS485, and RS422 to realize multi-service data collection and transmission. Through the industrial PON2.0 gateway, the intelligent transformation of a single equipment or a group of equipment on the production line can be realized, the workshop production unit is transformed into an intelligent production unit, and the production process parameters, equipment operating status, energy information, and environmental information are in the form of information trees. Pass data to other units on the production line to build intelligent decision-making and

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