Looking for old farm machinery - Sudanese user Kazam's "Old Ou Leopard"

On the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday in 2018, Revo Overseas Service received an e-mail from Africa. A Sudanese driver hopes to purchase a Revo tractor accessory that has been in service for 12 years. As a result, a Revo MG1254 tractor that began to be used in 2006 has attracted the attention of overseas service team members and actively contacted the accessories for maintenance and sent a caring service to eliminate the worries of customers.

It is understood that the old agricultural machine of Sudanese user Katzam was loaned to the Lovol Ou Leo tractor in February 2006. When the farmer is busy, he does farm work. When he is in free time, he goes out to run transportation. He works 14 hours a day or more, and is not available all year round. Other tractors have “opened the pot” because of the high temperature and long working hours, but this Lofo old agricultural machine has never been “hot”. Originally, in order to adapt to the high temperature and sand conditions, the Loewo tractor exported to Sudan has specially developed air filters and improved the engine's heat dissipation system. gas".

The Sudan’s national infrastructure is weak, and per capita income is low. An African farmer can own a tractor. This is a great event. Kazammu vaguely recalled that the excitement of owning this tractor was full of enthusiasm. Since buying the tractor, Kazami could not wait to find a job: plowing the field, arable land, transporting fertilizer, building materials, and building roads. After several years of hard work, Qadham soon became a well-known local machineman, and his income increased. Not only did he pay off the tractor loan, but in the following years, he added two Levo tractors one after another. .

The Revo 1254 tractor purchased by Sudanese user Katzam in 2006

Kazzam had deep feelings for this tractor that made him fortune. He cherished the big iron guy and took good care of it. He took part in the spare parts book and user manual research. In a few years, he almost became a maintenance expert. Occasionally minor problems, he just fiddle with himself just fine. However, after more than ten years, major failures have not really occurred. This can lead to many fellow villagers who drive tractors. Some people proposed to buy it, and Qadham rejected it.

Today, this long-awaited tractor accessory is rare on the market and it is not easy to buy. However, Loewo overseas service team members said that for the user's accessories requirements, they will certainly contact the parts and components providers to fully meet customer needs. At present, the accessories required by Qadham are being reopened and will soon reach their hands. Kazzam said that there was nothing wrong with the selection of the Lovol brand. In the future, he would also like to introduce more villagers to purchase Revo tractors and set up a “Leevo Mutual Council” in the village to allow Lovol users to participate in exchanges and introduce activities to each other. Everyone’s road to wealth is getting wider and wider, and it is truly common prosperity. (This article comes from Revo Heavy Industries Song Bingshan)

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